And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
2 Timothy 3:15 & 16

Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.
Psalm 119:160

The purpose for these publications is to encourage Bible believing Christians to search the Scriptures daily to discover the wealth of treasures in the Holy Bible Almighty God has revealed to us living in time and history to prepare us for the blessed and glorious rest in eternity. The author is writing these books as and when time permits. May the child of God do his own study in the Holy Bible and discover the joy and blessings God has installed for him in the holy, pure, perfect and inspired words of the living God now available in our hands!

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The Public Manifestation of the Sons of God

The Public Manifestation of the Sons of God is an event much longed for not only by the saints of all ages but all creatures on earth as well. It is an event that will usher in the days of heaven upon the earth promised to the fathers of old. However, Christians often fail to realise the true potential of their exalted status as sons of God in this life and hence lose much time and energy in earthly pursuit that is not profitable for the souls. May the child of God learn of this high title confers on him by the most gracious and benevolent God of Creation who will bring in the Kingdom of heaven on earth when the Son of God from heaven returns to reign over all the earth. (19 Pages)

The Millennia Reign of Christ

The Millennia reign of Christ is a Bible doctrine that some Christians unfortunately deny when they allow their fallen mind to over-right Biblical revelation on prophecies clearly pointing to a day where Christ will literally reign on earth for one thousand years. This doctrine is clearly taught in the book of Revelation chapter twenty where some Christians insist that the one thousand years mentioned six times are simply symbolic in nature and thus making the word of truth of none effect. Unless we take Scriptures at face value, the gospel of our salvation could likewise be view as an allegory simply teaching man to strife for humanity just to make this place a better world for all. (22 Pages)

Casting Down Imaginations

Casting down imaginations is a New Testament commandment for Christians to obey. The Bible reveals the tragic and rebellious nature of the minds of men and hence the need for such a commandment to rein in the wild and depraved minds even for Christians who are saved by grace through faith. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences where the child of God can become victim of Satan’s manipulation causing him much harm and sorrows. (22 Pages)

The Reality of the Resurrection

The doctrine of the resurrection is taken as a theological fact. Unfortunately, this doctrine is hardly felt and appreciated by believers in Christ. Even the disciples of old had trouble reconciling the present truth of the resurrection promised to them. They misunderstood the timing and power of the resurrection and even viewed it as an unwanted and unnecessary interruption to their plans to reign with Christ during His earthly ministry. (19 Pages)

The Holy Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit of God is the third member of the Godhead. With the proliferation of false doctrines taught by tongues speaking Charismatic churches, His person and His work as revealed from Scriptures are often misunderstood by Christians. Many Christians have only superficial knowledge of this Person of the Godhead. Christians should get to know more about this very important person of the Godhead in a more personal way who comes to dwell in them the moment when they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. (28 Pages)

Demystifying Ministers, Ministries and Ministering

The terms “ministers”, “ministries” and “ministering” can be quite confusing. They mean different thing to different people. Modern day churches have all kinds of ministries with leaders given fanciful titles serving as ministers. Ministering has lost its true meaning as revealed from Scriptures. Anyone can organize church activities and install a man giving him a nice title to serve as a minister and he is in the business of ministering. This book examines what these terms mean according to Scriptures in the New Testament. (24 Pages)

The Biblical Second Mile Christian

The Second Mile Christian is an edifying book to show how a child of God can glorify God by walking the second mile for the Lord. It is a discussion on the historical impact on those who are supposed to obey this commandment. It also shows how Christians in our day may obey the principle in which this commandment is given to glorify the Lord. Christians are not to be misled by the world when they use the precept of this second mile for personal gain. (19 Pages)

Demystifying Greater is He that is in You

This is a book from a sermon to correct the common misconception of 1 John 4:4 quoted ever so often in the wrong context. The consequence of misapplying this verse can lead to tragedy for the recipients who are supposed to benefit from this promise. Hence, Christians should take note of the context in which this verse is given and not to quote this verse frivolously that may mislead the person who needs help. (17 Pages)

The River of Life

This book is a study on the rivers in the Holy Bible. It discusses the origin of rivers and history of rivers in the redemption story of mankind. It shows the mercy and grace of God in restoring the river of life in the Kingdom Age as well as the Eternal Age. Meanwhile the spiritual river of life is available to save all to the uttermost. (16 Pages)

The Strange Work and Strange Act of God

The Holy Bible records many strange works and strange acts of God that mystify many Bible students. This is book based on a sermon preached to show how God is in control of all circumstances though many servants of the Lord may be called upon to go through strange trials they cannot understand. Hence, this book is to encourage the saints to trust in the Lord during times of strange trials. (20 Pages)

The Healing of a Leper

Countless sermons have been preached on the healing of a leper in the gospel account. This is a short booklet from a sermon preached on the five ‘P’s of the leper. The aim of this book is to bring out the struggle of this leper and the rich mercy bestow upon him from the most benevolent Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. May the child of God learn from this leper and trust in the Lord’s mercy for whatever circumstances he finds himself in. (15 Pages)

Mountain Moving Faith in Prayers

The Lord did promise if His disciples were to ask anything from the Father in heaven in His name, it would certainly be given. This book examines how saints in the past exercised faith that exceeded that required to move mountains as challenged by the Lord for His disciples. Moving mountains is shown to be literal when challenged by the Lord and not just some devotional truth as taught by many. (19 Pages)

The Reality of Heaven

The reality of heaven though a present reality for Christians is not a topic often discussed or a subject of great interest to many Christians. It appears that many Christians are just happy about the prospect of going to heaven to be with the Lord Jesus Christ but the present reality of heaven that could be experienced even in this life is not something many are keen on finding out. As such this book seeks to address some of the heavenly subjects as revealed from Scriptures. Hopefully, Christians will become more interested on this subject and catch a glimpse of the glory that shall be revealed in the world to come. (18 Pages)

Demystifying The New Testament Pastor

The common use of the term “pastor” to refer to the man of God who is supposed to lead a church is taken for granted that there is New Testament injunction for such a practice. How many Bible readers really check the New Testament to find out how many times the word “pastor” or “pastors” is recorded in the Bible? The result may indeed come as a surprise to many who really bother to check. Do Christians actually investigate the usage of the term “pastor” or “pastors” as recorded in the Holy Bible? Nowadays, the office of a “Senior Pastor” has become popular in many churches. Is there such an office documented in the Bible? Is a pastor an office title to begin with? What does the New Testament has to reveal about pastors and how the early churches oragnised themselves are some of the main questions this book seeks to address. (27 Pages)

Demystifying Biblical Repentance

The practice of biblical repentance is an important subject for a child of God. Often, he is confused over what the Bible teaches about repentance. Some may think that their own repentance is the basis for which God will accept them and by their own repentance will keep them saved and assured of salvation in the end. Others may think that it is impossible to truly repent unless God grants it and so some keep praying to God to grant them true repentance. But the Holy Bible teaches neither of the two views. Do you know Judas Iscariot repented according to Matthew 27:3 but the New King James Version has to cover up this fact and replaced the word “repented” with “remorseful”? Here is a study on how the terms “repent” and “repentance” are being used in the Old and New Testaments. (40 Pages)

Demystifying Biblical Christian Fellowship

Christian fellowship can be a very confusing subject. Most Christians will view Christian fellowship through their own lens as conditioned by their own experience. Christian fellowship is commonly regarded as some social gathering among Christians. Unfortunately, by giving these gatherings names such as women’s fellowship, young adults’ fellowship or teens’ fellowship to legitimize such gatherings does not qualify the assembly as Christian fellowship. Christian fellowship is also sometimes conditioned upon who Christians can or cannot fellowship with by their religious leaders. But what does the Holy Bible have to say about this subject? Are the common understanding among Christians correct on this subject? This book seeks to examine how the word “fellowship” is used in the Bible and discuss the context in which it is used so that correct and proper application can be derived from this study. (23 Pages)

Earthly Marriages As Revealed From Scriptures

There are a lot of confusions concerning what constitutes a marriage. Is a marriage a wedding? Should man marry more than one wife? Is monogamy superior to polygamy? Is polygamy a sin? Should Christians adopt polygamy as a viable option in marriage? Does the New Testament condone Christians who practise polygamy? Should Christians return to the Hebrew roots to practise polygamy as allowed under the Old Testament? Under what condition can a Christian divorce his wife? What are the dangers and obligations in earthly marriages? What is God’s perfect will for Christians concerning earthly marriages according to the New Testament? There are some Christians in Singapore teaching polygamy as a viable option for Christians to set up Christian families and such practice is acceptable in the sight of God. As such, this book is to address some of these issues pertaining to earthly marriages from the Scriptures. (43 Pages)

Procreation Of Men And The War Of Ages

Procreation of Men has been on going for several thousand years. Many people have been born into this world and have gone off the scene. Many more will come into this world and exit the world having passed their time of probation on this earth to be judged whether they could continue to live in the presence of God or die an everlasting death in hell fire. Human procreation takes place naturally but the act of procreation has often been abused outside of the context of marriage. The Holy Bible reveals the history of procreation of mankind as mandated from above that comes with a blessing for men to be fruitful and multiply to replenish the earth. The purpose of procreation of mankind is to populate planet Earth. One more important aspect of human procreation is to provide foot soldiers to continue this war of ages between God and Satan and between good and evil. The ultimate purpose of human procreation is to obtain a race of people who will obey the God of Creation, love Him, worship Him and serve Him for all eternity. (64 Pages)

The Fine Art of Self-Justification

This is a short study on the motives, methods and madness of the Pharisees. The seven deadly Pharisees are presented in this discussion. It concerns their practice of self-justification in every aspect of their self-righteous life. (19 Pages)

In Remembrance of Lot’s Wife

There are many spiritual lessons for Christians to remember Lot’s wife. It is indeed a tragic story of a man loosing all he possessed including his wife whom we are commanded to remember. May Christians take heed to this very important commandment from the Lord Jesus Christ to remember Lot’s wife. (22 Pages)

Spiritual Growth For Christians

Spiritual growth is a must for every born again child of God. It is natural for a child to grow and so Christians must grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Something is very wrong if a Christian is not growing in the Lord. However, Christians have all kinds of different ideas concerning the growth of a child of God in Christ. This book is to provide Christians a biblical perspective concerning this topic on the spiritual growth of a child of God. (19 Pages)

Biblical New Testament Church

What is actually a New Testament Church? This question can only be answered from within the pages of the New Testament. Any other way of answering this question will be based on preference and traditions of men. Christians often seek answer to this most crucial question to ascertain whether they are found to be members of the New Testament Church. (25 Pages)

Why the Rich Man Went to Hell

The question as to why the rich man went to hell and the poor man Lazarus went to paradise is a subject of much speculation. This study will examine the reason why the rich man went to hell. It will discuss the sin of the rich man as well as God’s attitude towards those who are rich in this world. (31 Pages)

The Firstborn and the Reubenite Syndrome

Reubenite Syndrome is a study on the categorical failures of the descendents of the tribe of Reuben. These failures plagued the whole tribe because of what Reuben did in the past. This is a lesson for Christians to avoid contracting this evil disease and causing much harm to him and his family and those born after him. May the child of God avoid the sin of Reuben! (32 Pages)

Lovest Thou Me?

This is a study on why the Lord asked Peter three times whether Peter loved Him. There will be no going back to the Greek to prove anything. Instead, it will be comparing Scriptures with Scriptures to examine events leading to Peter’s denial of the Lord as well as analyzing this post resurrection incident when the Lord asked Peter whether he loved Him. Lessons from this incident will be drawn in hopes of Christians renewing their love for the Lord Jesus Christ. (21 Pages)

Biblical Law of Communication

This is a study on the biblical law of communication for which a child of God should practice. God is not mocked. For we will definitely reap what we sow. The law of sowing and reaping is not necessarily a warning or a condemnation for Christians. It is a challenge to invest for returns in eternity. Those who faint not shall surely reap. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming with His rewards with Him. It is high time Christians should set their affections on things above and not on things in this world. (27 Pages)

The Fountain of Life

This is a sermon preached on Chinese New Year 2006. It is a study of the fountain of life taken from the text in Psalm 36:9. Fountains are examined from the Scriptures. Fountain need not be literal fountains for fountains speak of spiritual truths in God’s creation. They may exist in different forms during different time to provide life to creatures on earth. The Lord Jesus Christ is the true fountain of life. (19 Pages)

The Heart of the Matter

This is a study from a sermon preached from the passage in Mark 10:17-30. The passage concerns a rich man who went away grieved because the Lord told him to sell all that he had and gave them to the poor in order to take up the cross and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This book examines the heart of the matter that hinders this rich man’s quest for eternal life for which he inquires from the Lord. (21 Pages)

The Fairness of God

Fallen men have always blame God or heaven for bad things that happen to them. They accuse God for being unfair to them. False teachers teaching God deliberately bypasses some sinners and refuses to grant them salvation no matter what they do or how hard they try have given these sinners the impression that God is unfair to them and is not worthy of acknowledgement and worship. This is a short study to examine how God deals with fallen men according to His own will and perfect timing to work out His redemptive plan for mankind. (30 Pages)

Men With Beautiful Feet

This book is a study on men with beautiful feet in the Holy Bible. It examines the nature of the feet of men and the significance the feet of men in doing the will of God to bring salvation to Adam’s lost and fallen race. Saints are suppose to have beautiful feet and they will do well to learn how to keep their feet beautiful for the Lord Jesus Christ who has given them this pair of beautiful feet to walk in the paths of righteousness for Christ’s name sake. (30 Pages)

Healing of a Dry Tree

This book is a sermon preached concerning a dry tree in the Scriptures. It discusses the symbolism of a dry tree and how to avoid becoming a dry tree rendering a Christian unable to live a fruitful life for Christ. May this book be an encouragement to those going through the dry spell of a dry tree to learn how to become fruitful again for the Lord Jesus Christ. (30 Pages)

Soldiers Who Keep Rank

This book is another sermon preached on soldiers who could keep rank. This is a study on the tribe of Zebulun in hopes that Christian soldiers will learn about the courage and loyalty from this great tribe to be faithful soldiers for the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed there are many lessons to be learned from the tribe of Zebulun. May the child of God learn the ropes of soldiering from this tribe of Zebulun to fight the good fight of faith. (26 Pages)

The Tree of Life

This is both a doctrinal as well as a devotional study on the Tree of Life as documented in the Holy Bible. The Tree of Life is a fascinating study as revealed from the pages of the Scriptures about its role in the past, present and future. The child of God is taken through a journey to look at this amazing tree and find the Lord Jesus Christ in this tree. The power of this tree is discussed and its many fold magnification in eternity is the climax in which Almighty God shows the riches of His grace towards His people. Let the Tree of Life beckons you back into the Garden of Eden for a tour and shows you the way forward how you may taste of its fabulous and delightsome fruit and obtain eternal life in and through the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. (76 Pages)

When The Trumpet Sounds

This is a study on all the trumpets found in the Holy Bible. It touches on the usage of the trumpets in the Old Testament for the Nation of Israel and its significance but more importantly on the prophecies regarding the Day of the Lord concerning Israel. The discussion climaxes on the trumpets mentioned in the book of Revelation to sum up the prophecies for Israel and the world concerning events during the last days as well as the trumpet that calls the child of God to meet the Lord in the air on that blessed day with regards to the glorious appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ. (152 Pages)

God’s Controversy With the Nations

This is a study on God’s dealing with the nations in this world. This book discusses the reason why there are wars on earth and the plan God has for the nations in this world in the future. It also touches on several issues, especially racial issues. There may be times when Christians are faced with conflict between nations and the brethren are caught on opposing sides of the nations. This book seeks to address such issues on how Christians of all races ought to stand in times of earthly conflicts between nations in this world. (40 Pages)

The High Calling of God

This book is a study on the high calling of God for a number of prominent personalities in the Holy Bible. The purpose of this book is to encourage the saint to see what great things Almighty God has done for him as God calls out different individuals to fulfill His plan of redemption for Adam’s lost and helpless race. The child of God should treasure the high calling of God from above and reject the unholy call of the world from beneath. May Christians seek to walk worthy of God’s high calling for him and be equipped to live a life that is pleasing in the sight of the Lord Jesus Christ. (169 Pages)

When Heaven Is Brass

This book talks about God’s judgment on sinners by allowing sinners to be tormented by the forces of darkness. It also discusses mental illness and spirit possession as well as the possibility of a child of God being delivered to Satan for the destruction of the flesh. The author also gave his testimony of God’s saving grace in his life while nearly losing his body and mind under Satanic attack. (168 Pages)

Hold Fast The Form Of Sound Words

This is a book defending the Authorized King James Bible. A comparative study on certain key words where the NIV and the NASV defer from the Authorized Version are examined. This book will show the reader that the Authorized Version is not only not archaic but uses simpler words than the NIV and the NASV. (190 Pages)

Water: The Source Of Life Or Agent Of Death

This book concerns water in our universe which God Almighty created for sustenance of life as well as a rod for correction and even as an agent of judgment of global proportion. This study also discusses the locations of water in our universe since scientists have declared the discovery of evidence of water in Mars. It shows how fallen men would attempt to take away this instrument of reproach from the hand of the Most High and this book concludes the final condition of water in eternity. (34 Pages)

Water: The Source Of Life Or Agent Of Death

This study is taken from Psalm 133. Brethren dwelling together in unity does not come naturally. This psalmist’s desire was that the brethren should dwell together in unity. The blessing of brethren dwelling together is something every born again child of God should desire. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is torn by schisms and strives. It is God’s will for Christians to endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (22 Pages)

The Last Day Church – Rich Church, Poor Church

This book is a critical analysis of the last day church based on the revelation given by the Lord from the last letter to the last church in the last book of the Holy Bible. The discussion concerns the contrast between the true church of the New Testament and the practices of the last day church. This is a work to point sincere Christians to the Author and Finisher of our faith, even our Lord Jesus Christ, instead of blindly following the dictates of the ridiculous and unscriptural practices of the last day church. (43 Pages)

How To Acquire Peace Quietness and Assurance

How to acquire peace, quietness and assurance is a subject fallen men has been seeking for ever since the fall of man. This is a study on how to acquire peace, quietness and assurance according to Scriptures. May the child of God learn from Scriptures how to acquire peace, quietness and assurance so that he may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. (22 Pages)