And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures,
which are able to make thee wise unto salvation
through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
All scripture is given by inspiration of God,
and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
2 Timothy 3:15 & 16

Thy word is true from the beginning:
and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.
Psalm 119:160

Earthly Marriages As Revealed From Scriptures


There are some Christians in Singapore promoting polygamy as a viable option for Christians. They contend that monogamy and polygamy are acceptable to God and as such Christians are allowed to practise polygamy. They justify this teaching by appealing to the Old Testament calling Christians to return to the Hebraic roots to practise the Christian faith. This is because salvation is of the Jews. Moreover Christianity has its roots from Judaism. Judaism is the mother of Christianity so they claim. Salvation is extended to the Church via the Jews and so returning to Hebraic practices is Scriptural and necessary. Polygamy is one such practice of the Hebrews and therefore it is acceptable in the sight of God for Christians to practise polygamy. This may sound persuasive but what do the Scriptures reveal about earthly marriages?

How does God view marriages whether they are monogamous or polygamous? What are the issues faced by people who practise monogamy and polygamy? Does the New Testament encourage Christians to practise polygamy? Is it forbidden in the New Testament for Christian to practise polygamy? What about those who have married more than one wife before they get saved? What should they do with their other wives and children? Should they put them all away because they are now Christians? Is God pleased with them if they practise monogamy again by divorcing their other wives and disowning their other children?

Is it better for a Christian to remain single or get married? Which is more superior? What is the purpose of marriage? Do Christians serve the Lord better in a monogamous marriage or polygamous marriage? What are the dangers of not being married? How does Satan tempt a man and a woman in marriage? Is the New Testament Church a continuation of Judaism? Is the nation of Israel and the New Testament Church the same inheriting the same promises and targeted with the same threats? Are Christians obliged to practise what the Jews practiced concerning marriage and divorce in the Old Testament?

What is really a marriage? When are a man and a woman married in the eyes of God? Are they married after a wedding ceremony or before the wedding? What are the obligations in a marriage? There are many more questions with regards to earthly marriages that can be asked. This book is written to address some of these issues and see how God deals with fallen men in marriages and the attitudes of men in marriages. It is hoped that Christians will get a better understanding of earthly marriages and not fall prey to propaganda of the world media, especially the western media, as well as false teachings of some self-conceited Christians or enemies masquerading as Christians. Christians should learn to understand the world and issues concerning them and not judge things based on their own prejudices or their own human understanding. May the Lord bless the study of His pure and inspired words!