Below are links to ministries of other good men that the Lord has raised up in these last days upholding the word of God and the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please note that the Holy Bible which is infallible is the final authority by which all things are judged.

We should be like the Bereans in the book of Acts who searched the Scriptures daily whether those things were so.

James Knox

Dr. Dennis Lloyd

Scripture With Scripture

Send The Light Ministries

Dr. Samuel Gipp

Bible Answers

AV Publications

AV Defense 1611

The Radical Pilgrim

Blessed Quietness

Morton Publications

Vance Publications

Chick Publications

The Unknown Bible

One Book Stands Alone

My Narrow Mind

Sound Doctrine

Teno Groppi

Valiant For Truth

The Spirit Of Truth

Authentic Word

Johnny The Baptist

Berachah Goodnews Baptist Church

Learn The Bible

King James Bible Man

Sermon Audio by Linton Smith Jr

The A.V.1611 Answers Association

Another King James Bible Believer

King James Bible Believers A.V. – 1611

Danny Bunn

Thy Word Is Truth

King James Bible Believers Forum

Christ Directed

Church of the Last Frontier

Time For Truth

All The Counsel of God

KJV Today

NZ Protestant

Will Kinney

Street Preaching

Chinese KJV