For ye were as sheep going astray;
but are now returned unto the Shepherd
and Bishop of your souls.
1 Peter 2:25

Demystifying The New Testament Pastor


Ever consider why so many Bible believing churches are headed by a pastor? Some churches even have Senior Pastors that were unheard of in the past. In fact, the office “Senior Pastor” is never mentioned in the New Testament. Were the New Testament visible local churches during the time of the New Testament really headed by a pastor or a group of pastors? Who is a pastor and what is the task of a pastor? Is the word “pastor” a title to be mentioned before someone’s name? How are pastors involved in the running of the churches? What does the New Testament have to reveal about church offices? Are there any qualifications before someone can become an officer in a church? What are the official titles of those who hold office in churches? These are some of the questions foremost in the mind of some Christians seeking to learn how churches should be run and who are the office holders in the church according to the New Testament. Bible believing Christians who seek to honour God and His words will surely want to know how the church should be run and who should be their leaders and what titles they are called. Otherwise, many man made traditions will creep into the church bringing unscriptural practices along to undermine the effective and efficient working of the church.