The Lord’s promise of His coming has given hope to many Bible believers down the church age to live for Christ and to glorify Him. While this promised coming of Christ is bona fide, with the passing of time however, the Church of the living God on earth in this day and age has lost its character. The Church has become obscured by unscriptural practices of many churches and some questionable characters claiming to be Christians. Church going people have different reasons for attending churches. Some go to church to make friends and others for business networking and business opportunities. Some attend churches just to socialize as if going to church is for the purpose of singing songs as though their own horrible karaoke singing back home is not enough to annoy their neighbours. Some send their kids to churches to learn English especially when some churches offer free tuition for their kids.

The more pious crowd claims that it is a must to attend church on Sunday where worshipping God is non-negotiable. However, worshipping God can be quite subjective as worship means different thing to different people. People argue over forms and structure of worship and even dress code in churches can be a subject of contention. Some even insist that the preaching from the pulpit must concern the gospel preaching Christ and Christ crucified alone but the moment you touch on their pet sins your offering is going to take a beating. Modern day multi-million dollar paying ministers have no resemblance of the preachers in the New Testament. People in the world mock and decry these churches. Some even make fun of people for going into the ministry especially during economic downturn, which is the best time to go into the Christian church ministry for refuge.

It is so strange to talk to Christians these days. They are easily offended over many unimportant matters. If you claim to be a Bible believer and you do not identify yourself as a Baptist when talking to one, he or she may be offended. Some Baptists do not even want to associate with those who believe in the veracity of the Holy Bible even though they are not called Baptist. Some claimed to be of the reformed faith while others ridicule them by telling them that they should belong to the redeemed faith. Some claiming to be King James Bible believers are so impatient with others, especially with those who do not know or believe the King James Bible to be perfect, that they become obnoxious to the point of behaving like the unsaved in the world. Some quarrels eventually end up in the courts of the unsaved. Preachers going after missionaries to hinder their work in the mission fields are not surprising. Christians making police reports against Christians for some offence they deem cannot be resolved within their own churches are not uncommon. All kinds of petty quarrels split the churches of Christ in this day and age. What a shame! What lack of grace as Christians being salt of the earth!

It has become increasingly critical to study the Book of Acts and re-examine the history of churches and how those saints in the past carry the gospel of Christ and preach them far and wide naturally with power from on high. It is high time to study the conduct of those early New Testament believers and learn the lessons given to us from the Holy Ghost. Their courage in preaching the gospel without fear or favour and rewards and the mistakes they made are valuable lessons for us Christians living before the soon coming of our Lord. The study notes presented here are to help Bible believing Christians in the study on this important Book where cults and the Charismatic are fond of using to build their own pet doctrines and practices to enslave uninformed and young Christians leading them into bondage. May the Lord bless the study of His holy words!

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