Preservation of God’s Words

Those who don’t believe God has preserved His holy words in the Authorized King James Bible often demand to know where are God’s words before 1611.

They are not asking this question in order to find out where are God’s words before or after 1611. They ask this question in order to justify their unbelief that God has preserved for us His words today in English for the English speaking world.

They ask this question in order avail themselves to be the final authority to decide which are God’s words among the hundreds of bible versions available in the market.

They ask such question in order to elevate themselves to be the authority hiding behind Greek and Hebrew to tell us what God’s words really meant.

You could also become one such authority if you consciously choose to do so and become highly respectable in the Christian circle or perhaps circus where these days not many really care about the veracity of the words of the living God.

One trick these self-conceited authorities used to justify their high lofty position is the claim that they believe in the inspired originals. They expect everyone is so stupid to believe that there is such a Bible where all the 66 copies of the original autographs were ever put together as a complete perfect Holy Bible.

Of course they can’t show us where such a Bible exists. The essence of such a stance on the inspired originals, knowing full well no one has ever seen them nor ever will, they will then decide for you which are God’s words and which are not.

Then some would tell you what the Greek and Hebrew from some uninspired originals really meant. Such deceitful self-promotion is the norm in Christendom these days.

We just don’t have the time to entertain such self-conceited pseudo authorities.

Proverb 26:4: Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

For some thoughts on the preservation of the words of God, check out an excellent article written by brother Will Kinney.