Holding forth the word of life;
that I may rejoice in the day of Christ,
that I have not run in vain,
neither laboured in vain.
Philippians 2:16

Fight the good fight of faith,
lay hold on eternal life,
whereunto thou art also called,
and hast professed a good profession
before many witnesses.
1 Timothy 6:12

If we are to believe all that is being promised from around the world for the new millennium – should almighty God be pleased to bring it to pass – then the most unusual has come from Rome.

Apparently, the dirtiest of linen is to be removed from the Vatican laundry basket, and will be seen flying from the loftiest flagpole overlooking St Peter’s Square. On Ash Wednesday next year, 2000AD, the Pope has set aside a day for repentance. Papists in every corner of the globe, including of course Britain, will hold ceremonies seeking forgiveness for the sins of Roman Catholics throughout history. That being so, they will be the longest religious services known to man! Indeed, can they ever end?

The blackest stains referred to in the vile history of this most evil system are the Holocaust and the Inquisition, and also in Britain, the gruesome reign of Mary Tudor (1553-1558). But why these three? There are so many others.


Back in 1995, the Pope issued his Tertio Millennio Adveniente’, in which he urged papists everywhere to exercise ‘a spirit of repentance’ for the Roman Catholic involvement with this appalling episode. Seeking to demonstrate his sincerity, RC experts were immediately commanded to assess the role played in the attempted genocide of the Jewish nation, and in October 1997 they published a document entitled WE REMEMBER: A reflection on the Shoah. The Pope described it as ‘an act of contrition’ for hostility towards the Jews.


Another committee has also been established to reassess the equally notorious Inquisition, instituted in 1184 at the Council of Verona. Multitudes of Jewish men, women and children, and others outside the papal fold were butchered at the instigation of the so-called ‘Holy Office’: murder incorporated! The demon Dominicans particularly, ‘the hounds of the Lord’, relished the horrors they perpetrated. Although it is usually referred to as the ‘Spanish Inquisition’, the devilish activities were by no means confined to Spain. However, it has been estimated by historians that in that country alone half a million families were destroyed. (Walter Montano, Christian Heritage)


Attention has also been given to the ‘inspired excesses’ of Mary’s five year reign of terror over the English people, when nearly 300 Protestant scholars, housewives and peasants were burned alive (‘for Christ’s Gospel preaching, and because we would not go amassing.’), including some of the greatest and godliest men in the land.

Surprise, surprise, at the end of last year the papist bishops of England and Wales (28 of them, led by Cardinal Hume) actually declared those few short ghastly years as among the most savage in their history – and that is saying something! Why, even in the recent movie about Elizabeth 1 and we are all aware of the RC influence in the media and show business – her elder sister Mary is portrayed as a neurotic. It appears Mary Tudor has been downgraded. So, what’s going on?


Sadly, as usual, being sinfully naive many of God’s people will be affected by the ‘tears’ which will flow from Rome, but I hope the Vatican-watching readers of 1521 will not be so foolish. To avoid it, four questions need answering.

First, after over fifty years, why the sudden desire to apologise to the Jews for the Holocaust? Answer: because a large bitter ‘pill’ requires sweetening. As was outlined in the last issue (No.25), behind the scenes the Vatican is making a bid to take over Jerusalem; placing the ancient city under international control, probably the United Nations, which in effect would mean under the Pope’s.

Besides, he intends to eventually canonise the Nazi Archbishop Stepinac, one of the most wicked prelates of World War II for his work in establishing the RC state of Croatia, during which nearly a million Serbs were massacred. An act of ‘contrition’, the ostentatious beating of the chest, public apologies: all these will help soften Jewish resistance to the plans.

Secondly, why after centuries is the Vatican so eager to shed ‘tears’ over the Inquisition? Answer: for the Jews’ sake again, the ‘pill’ being sweetened still further. But also, and to change the metaphor, it is needful a ‘red-herring’ should be drawn across the trail. By ‘apologising’ for the sins committed by the ‘Holy Office’ in the past, it will cause many in the present to overlook the fact that ‘the Congregation of the Holy Office’ still exists! Led by cardinals and prelates, with the Pope in the chair, its function is still to examine ‘errors and heresies’. Vocal Prots, watch out!

In short, remembering Roman Catholic butchery in the lifetime of many of us, the horrors are always near at hand. Note what I said in the last issue of 1521 (No.25), regarding the possible introduction of ‘Corpus Juris’ (the judiciary linked to the State: ie. the European Union): ‘Could we not imagine the day approaching when CORPUS JURIS will be used for the suppression of Christ’s Gospel, and the ARREST of vocal Protestant leaders and their people who faithfully proclaim it? Already, within the EU voices are heard speaking against the ‘cults’; that is, those outside the papal-ecumenical system.’

Thirdly, after four centuries why is Mary Tudor’s reign being challenged, her ‘excesses’ recognized? Answer: because it suits the Vatican’s purposes to do so. Mary has always embodied the Vatican policy for the Roman Catholic takeover of the Protestant throne of England, and the British Isles in general; the stamp of arrogant authority, coupled to persecuting zeal. In other words, the stake, the sword, the bullet and the bomb. But, over the centuries the policy has failed.

Now in Britain at least, in very recent times, a more subtle approach is used; the softening and even the apparent discarding of controversial teaching (the Virgin as ‘co-redemptrix’, purgatory etc), incessant talk of love and the ecumenical embrace. The name ‘Mary Tudor’, which even now can cause hackles to rise on British necks and shivers to run down British spines, cannot be softened and is certainly a hurdle to any thoughts of Rome’s takeover of the country. Hence, apologies for Mary Tudor’s ‘excesses’ and sins. In other words, like the Jews, the British are being soothed into complacency.


So, be prepared for the sound of penitential ‘weeping’ as the Millennium opens up, floods of ‘tears’ seeping through the your TV and Radio sets, and your daily newspapers. But when they flow, drowning the world in massive publicity, remember the old adage:-

Rome in the MINORITY is a lamb,
Rome as an EQUAL is a fox,
Rome in the MAJORITY is a tiger!

And the crocodile? Oh yes, he’s the one who sheds ‘tears’ having apologised to everyone for having crunched you to death!

Dr. Peter Trumper