Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors
through him that loved us.
Romans 8:37

It lurks behind the shadows it rides upon the pale

Married to corruption a friend to death and hell

It gallops along the byways and trots down every path

Sorrow is its’ laughter and sin brought forth its’ wrath

(Job10: 21 Rev6: 8)(Job17: 14 Pro5: 5)(Job 34:22 Ex. 12:23) (Job 41:22)


No discharge in this war all flesh comes face to face

From stillborn to the aged it matters not the race

There is no ransom that can redeem from this icy grasp

Physicians are of no value from the poison of this asp

(Ecc8:8 1Kings2:2)(Job3:12 Heb9:27)(Psalm49:7)(Job13:14 Deu32:33)


From Eden to the Man-child it reigned against all foe

The strength of sin empowered to demand this heavy toll

But a voice did cry who will contend with me, I AM the Captain on the hill

I Am the foreordained Lamb of old that does my Father’s will

(1Cor15:22 Rom5:21)(1Cor15:56)(Isa50:8 Heb2:10)(Rev13:8 Mat26:39)


My Friend entered in with thorns upon his head

Furrows upon his back his blood so crimson red

Our ancient foe enters also the author of the sting

To defeat the Son of God and the King the Kings

(Matt.11:19)(Ps.129:3 Acts20:28)(Heb.2:14)(John19:7 1Tim.6:15)


You cast me out of heaven when I tried to ascend upon the throne

But now you are wrapped in Adam’s flesh to face me on your own

But listen here Emmanuel while you’re nailed upon that tree

Why would you lay down your life for those that follow me?

(Isa.14:12)(Phil.2:7)(1Pet.2:24)(Rom.6:5 1Cor.6:9-11)


For listen to the crowd below they mock you in your pain

Yet you obey your Father but what have you really gained?

Is this some an unknown mystery from your Father up above?

Why would he allow this suffering is He not supposed to love?

(Matt27:39-44)(Job 15:16)(1Cor.2:7-8)(1John 4:8)


Look at the spittle on your face the nails in your hands

For I have won this battle and defeated the Son of Man

As He yielded up the ghost and was sealed within that tomb

The devils danced with glee the apostles filled with gloom

(Isa.50:6)(Isa.14:13)(Luke 23:46 Matt.27:66)(Acts 13:10 Isa.13:14 Mark16:10)


The portals of heaven opened as the angels looked upon the stone

Behind them the vacant seat of Him who sat upon the throne

However on the third day came that rumble in the ground

The stone was rolled away and only wrappings could be found

(1Pet.1:12)(John 8:23 Phil.2:6)(Matt.28:2)(Luke 24:2 John 20:7)


The ransom had been paid no sin could take it claim

Death could only hang his head the sting was put to shame

Our Captain was going home again with captives he had set freed

Oh! Such unrivaled love Christ Jesus died for you and me

(Mark 10:40 11Cor.5: 21)(1Cor.15: 55)(John 20:17 Eph.4: 8)(John 15:13)


The sting still gallops down the byways and trots down every path

But we saints hear not its’ laughter for sin has lost its’ wrath

So when this abode of clay crumbles and stands we at death’s door

Christ Jesus won the Battle we shall live for evermore

Wm. West

1 Cor 15:55 O death, where [is] thy sting? O grave, where [is] thy victory?

Written in Honour of our Captain The Lord Jesus Christ

And in memory of the deaths of daughter Kathleen Nov. 11, 1982 (7 months) and Patrick Nov. 6, 2004 (16 years)