Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar. (Proverbs 30:5&6)

The purity of God’s words is another defining issue. With all these modern translators who do not believe in the purity of the words of God, it is to be expected that whenever the words of the living God are said to be pure, they must be removed and replaced with something else that does not imply purity to the words of God.

In Proverbs 30:5, the child of God is told that, Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. So let us see what the NIV and the NASB have got to tell us on this verse.

Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him (NIV). So these “scholars” say that the word of God is not pure but simply flawless. The word “flawless” has no connotation of purity at all. One can be flawlessly evil too! Who would want to take refuge in a flawless but impure asylum? As such, flawlessness is no guarantee for purity. If the word “flawless” is equal with the word “pure” why a more difficult is used to describe the word of God? Are not these people trying to make the word of God more readable and easily understood?

Every word of God is tested; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him (NASB). They have tested God’s words. No mention is made whether they are pure! We have no conclusion with regards to the word of God that has been tested? Can we trust this “tested” word of God? A student could have been tested on a given subject. That does not mean he has passed the examination! How to trust in something that is tested but not approved! Perhaps, they only believe some of God’s words are pure and not every word of God is pure. But thanks be unto God, for God’s words are indeed pure which require no testing and the words of the living God definitely surpass flawlessness according to fallen men’s standards of judgment. Not Only God’s words are pure; but EVERY word of God is pure!

Likewise, in Psalm 12:6 where we are told, The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times, and it must suffer violence in the hands of the modern translators of the English versions.

And the words of the LORD are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times (NIV). Again, the NIV says the words of God are just flawless but not pure. However, this time the translators of the NASB allow the words of God to be pure but the subsequent verse on the preservation of these pure words must be confused and made irrelevant.

According to the NASB, we are told that The words of the LORD are pure words; As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times. Thou, O LORD, wilt keep them; Thou wilt preserve him from this generation forever (Psalm 12:6 & 7). It is interesting to note that they believe that God will keep “them” but preserve “him” from this generation. It is pass finding out to figure out who is this “him” in verse 7. Like a preacher used to say, “When a man messes with God’s words, God messes up his mind!” Of course, the translators of the NIV do not believe in the purity of God’s words, neither do they believe in the preservation of God’s pure words. As such Psalm 12:7 has been changed to preserving a person instead of God’s words.

The Psalmist tells us in Psalm 19:8 that, The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. Here is what the NIV has to say.

The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes (NIV). So the commandment of the Lord is not pure according to the NIV translators. They do not seem to know that all that glitters are not necessarily gold. A radiating commandment is not necessarily a pure commandment. The commandments of Satan are no doubt radiant because they are not pure. They have to be radiant in order to seduce and beguile unstable souls. Such radiating commandments from the Devil have blinded the hearts and minds of millions of people into believing that God will not preserve His pure words for every generation in whatever languages He chooses to give.

Therefore, their translations have become more and more ridiculous as in 2 Peter 3:1, This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance. According to the translators of the NIV and NASB, it is impossible for the children of God to have pure minds.

Dear friends, this is now my second letter to you. I have written both of them as reminders to stimulate you to wholesome thinking (NIV). How to achieve wholesome thinking with minds that are not pure? The process of “wholesome thinking” will be made difficult with the use of difficult words such as “stimulate” instead of the word “stir.” Are we to believe that the translators of the NIV are supposed to make the English Bible easier to understand and easier to read?

This is now, beloved, the second letter I am writing to you in which I am stirring up your sincere mind by way of reminder (NASB). Not surprising that the pure mind of a child of God is difficult to believe. If the translators have a pure mind to begin with, they would not have messed around with the pure words of the living God. Again, sincerity does not imply purity. One can be sincerely wrong. The translators may be sincere in wanting to give the readers a Bible that is easier to read and understand but they are sincerely wrong.

Likewise, we find in 1 Timothy 3:9 that, Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience, a pure conscience is changed to a clear conscience in the NIV and NASB. These “scholars” must not have been doing “field” work for the Lord in the spiritual war. Have they come across disobedient Christians who will sin against God by rationalizing and justifying their sins and still continue to sin willfully with a clear conscience? Have they come across Christians who have no qualms in drinking wine and getting drunk when they have read and have been warned in the Scriptures that, Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise (Proverbs 20:1) and they can still come to the house of God and to pray and worship with a clear conscience? Telling half-truths can also produce a clear conscience like in the case of Abraham when he lied about his wife Sarah being his sister not once but twice. However, such product is definitely not the fruit of a pure conscience. How beautiful and clear is the archaic and unreadable English from the Authorized King James Bible, which the modern translators can never hope to comprehend!

As such, they also have to remove the pure conscience the apostle Paul spoke of in 2 Timothy 1:3, I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience, that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day, and replace it with a clear conscience. A river that is clear is not necessarily pure. A glass of water may be clear but it may not pure enough for human consumption. A statement that is clear does not mean that the words used are pure. A modern English translation of the Bible may appear to be clear but not necessarily pure. Need we go any further to point out the deficiency of the scholarship of these pseudo scholars? Of course, they are corrupting the words of the living God with a “clear” conscience but not out of a “pure” conscience. They sure can find some alibi to justify their dirty works.

With regards to the purity of languages, these translators will not believe in a preserved inspired, inerrant and infallible Bible in the English language. Otherwise, we will not have to expose the falsehoods and motives of these “scholars” who produce these modern English versions and their proliferation have resulted in the increase in the ignorance of the pure doctrines of the most holy faith for the believers in Christ. They swear by the inspired originals in the original languages, yet they produce a “holy Bible” that is anything but pure. According to Zephaniah 3:9, we are told, For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent. Are we to expect that these “scholars” will believe that God can give a pure language to His people? Let us see what they have to say.

Then will I purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the LORD and serve him shoulder to shoulder (NIV).

For then I will give to the peoples purified lips, That all of them may call on the name of the LORD, To serve Him shoulder to shoulder (NASB).

No pure language from these “scholars” but they think they are given “pure” lips to produce a Bible with no pure words from the living God with a clear conscience or perhaps, a seared conscience! Once again, we are asking too much from these folks to believe in a pure language. As far as they are concerned, the only languages that are pure are perhaps only found in Greek and Hebrew. So we have multitudes and multitudes of preachers these days who will tell their congregation that a better rendering in the Hebrew means such and such and a better translation from the Greek Text actually says this and that. They are supposed to be telling their people these “truths” with pure lips and they can all defer in the actual meanings from the same Greek or Hebrew word but their differences are all regarded as speaking the truth in love. They are embracing one another’s scholarship and holding one another in high esteem. They are one big happy family with pure lips but no pure words from Almighty God.

Of course, nothing can be further from the truth! One day in future, God will once again restore all things and all men will be given a pure language to call upon the name of the Lord and to serve him with one consent. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be in heaven, when the saints still cannot understand one another’s languages and some are praising God in Hebrew, some in Greek, some in Chinese, some in Spanish and others in as many languages as you can think of and turn heaven into a second Babel! God forbid! Perhaps, this is what the Charismatic churches have envisaged will happen in heaven! They have brought Babel into their churches with their “speaking in tongues” and heaven must be a wonderful place for them to demonstrate their “spirituality” and impress one another with their “gifts.” The reason why we are having so many different languages is because of rebellion of fallen men. When men were originally in one language and one speech, they united together in defiance against God’s commandments and sought to build a tower to reach unto heaven. In the future when the rebels are forever banished, one language and one speech will be restored again to its former glory for the purpose of praising and serving God in purity and in truth!

It is indeed getting funnier as we proceed to examine their supposedly more accurate, easier to understand and read English versions. In 1 Peter 1:22, the apostle Peter exhorted the Christians, Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently. Christians are told to love one another with a PURE heart. Let us consider the alternatives from these “scholars.”

Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from your heart (NIV). One can love others deeply without ever been fervently especially when the love is expressed only in words and not in deeds. However, fervent love is active and demonstrative. On the other hand, “deep” love can be passive and love out of admiration. Deep love needs not be the product out of a pure heart. The “scholars” here cannot claim they have a pure heart! Their works are impure to begin with and to expect them to have pure hearts are simply being naïve to say the least!

Since you have in obedience to the truth purified your souls for a sincere love of the brethren, fervently love one another from the heart (NASB). Of course, love must be expressed from the heart and not from the lungs or the kidneys! But love from what kind of heart? Loving one another fervently does not imply that the love is pure. Hollywood producers, actors and actresses are experts in love of such nature. Are the NIV and NASB meant to capture the market from these crowds? What happen to the pure heart? Do the translators of these modern day translations possess one? Interesting isn’t it? But then again we should not expect much purity from them. If they truly love one another with a PURE heart, they will not be involved in such a devilish plot to corrupt the words of the living God. So what do we expect when we reach Psalm 119:140, Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it? Let us see what the NIV has to say.

Your promises have been thoroughly tested, and your servant loves them (NIV). Yes, the promises of Satan have been thoroughly tested to doom men in perdition and his servants who love them shall be cast into hell fire! Anything but the truth! The enmity of the translators of the NIV against the Authorized Version is indeed unbelievable. Interestingly, this time the translators of the NASB allow the word of God to be very pure. It appears that whenever the words of God are ascribed to be pure, the “scholars” panic and scramble to replace them immediately. They cannot stand the pure words of the living God that stare them right in the eyes. They are indeed found wanting! They have to run from the pure words of Almighty God. Along the way, they have lost a pure heart and left only with a clear conscience without being pure. Nonetheless, in spite of all the violence done to the words of the living God by these pseudo scholars, the words of God are not only thoroughly tested but are proven to be VERY PURE! Therefore, the child of God can trust in God’s inspired word and love and esteem the word of God more than his necessary food.

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