I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
Psalm 139:14

The former claim that the human appendix has no current function was, perhaps next to the example of wisdom teeth, the most common argument for the existence of vestigial organs. I am only in my forties, but I distinctly remember asking what the function of the appendix was when I was in elementary school and being told that it no longer had a function. I was suspicious, since no one ever explained to me what the former function might have been that the appendix had allegedly lost, but I did not question it too much. I only recently learned that this alleged “former” function was posited as having to do with differences in mankind’s former diet. Considering the vast differences in diets of various peoples around the world, such a claim could hardly be taken very seriously.

For years surgeons removed appendixes with the attitude that they had no function and were no serious loss. It is only fairly recently that it has been realized that the appendix has a number of functions, all of which are important. The appendix is an important part of our immune system. It is a germ free section of the dirtiest part of the body that helps the body produce antibodies and protects the intestinal tract from infection, It also is on the bottom of the only part of the intestinal tract where waste materials must move upward. The appendix performs an important role by creating fluids that force waste matter up this section of the intestines.

Without an appendix we become more susceptible to a large number of diseases that are caused by bacteria and viruses, as well as to cancer. Furthermore, as Ian Taylor has pointed out, many of our alleged ancestors, including monkeys and apes do not have appendixes, while rabbits, wombats and opossums do.1 If this organ were a part of some evolutionary chain, where could it possibly fit in?

I even encountered the absurd falsehood of a useless appendix in an anatomy textbook that is used by some medical schools, even though it was published recent enough that they should have known better. I expected such nonsense from the pseudo-scientists in fields like anthropology and paleontology, but I would expected better from medical doctors that teach anatomy to future doctors! This idiotic belief is not at harmless. Since the appendix is seen as useless, or of marginal value, many doctors have little compulsion about trashing them. Some even go so far as to offer to remove healthy appendixes while performing unrelated operations for “saving the patient from future troubles.” This is the act of butchers, not healers.

I would not offend the bought and sold fascists who regulate the health industry in America by offering medical advice, but I will relate alternatives to appendectomies that have worked for others without actually advising anyone to follow these procedures. Richard Schulze, the successful naturopathic doctor so hated by the FDA and AMA for being successful, has outlined the way that he has dealt with appendicitis, which I will outline here. Appendix problems are caused by poor diet and severe constipation. The first thing that he recommends is to immediately stop eating and get an enema. A high enema, or high colonic, is very much preferable. A series of regular rectal enemas may have to suffice, if the proper equipment is not available. The enema will relieve the pressure that has built up inside of the appendix. It might even be a good idea to start with a rectal enema and work your way up to a high enema.

Fasting is recommended to be done for a few days, during which time only juice or water should be drunk and some herbal laxatives. An appendix problem is much more serious if there has been a perforation. If there has been an infection caused by a perforated appendix, antibiotic-like herbs should be taken in very heavy doses. Purple coneflower (or echinacea, Echinacea purpurea, pallida and angustifolia) and garlic (Allium sativum) are recommended. A light massage of the abdomen would help at this point, but it should only be done with great care, if there is inflammation.2

A final procedure is to apply castor oil packs 24 hours per day over the appendix. Only fresh caster oil should be used. Rancid castor oil can be more detrimental than beneficial. Sandra Ellis describes treating her daughter for appendicitis in which the appendix actually did appear to have ruptured.3 She followed Jethro Kloss’s advice4 and used a lobelia poultice, which was supplemented by Christopher’s formula that added ginger, slippery elm and mullein. She also used comfrey tea and herbal enemas, olive oil and lobelia poultices, chamomile tea, catnip tea, alternating cold and heat packs, and reflexology. Her daughter recovered without an appendectomy, and without any infection. She provides the following formula for a poultice.

“Mix 1 tbs. of granulated or powdered lobelia with a large handful of granulated or crushed mullein leaves, and sprinkle with ginger. Add water to the herbs and mix into a paste, adding powdered slippery elm.”5

Some doctors advise against using any type of laxative and suggest that this may cause a dangerous irritation of the appendix.6 This may be good advice, but these same doctors fail to suggest releasing pressure through the other end, which would precede the laxative and relieve most of the potential for a “dangerous” irritation.

Once you get over an appendix problem, you must learn from the experience. Your eating habits should change and you should work to ensure that you remain regular. If you eat garbage that acts as intestinal glue, you get what you ask for. Most doctors have the attitude is that mutilation is the only option in the case of appendicitis, and that without them death is inevitable. We can thank the stupidity of evolutionists for this harmful misconception.

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