The legs of the lame are not equal:
so is a parable in the mouth of fools.
Proverbs 26:7

I was raised in a Christian home, and accepted Christ at a very young age. In my grade school I showed a great aptitude for science, and by the time I entered middle school I already had a good working knowledge of such things as subatomics. In middle school I took great interest in origins, and set about learnins all that I could about it. For a few years at that time I toyed with the idea of some sort of Theistic Evolution. But as I studied Evolution in-depth, I began to realize that the more I understood it, the less it made sense. I have continued to study the theory at great length, and can answer most general questions pertaining to the Grand Theory of Evolution. I also have a better working knowledge of the mechanisms of Evolution than many college graduates with fields in science. It is my firm belief that public school texts (and even college curriculum) is designed to mask the actual mechanisms of Evolution in an effort to cover up their absurdity.

I have seen that the nature of evolution is considered supported by the weight of evidence by some. As one who teaches evolution I would like to address the evidence that is in support of evolution.

First, we must differentiate between Micro Evolution and Macro Evolution. Micro Evolution is a fact. It is easily observed. But it is limited by the bounds of the information present in the genetic code. Dogs might change, but they are still dogs, and are limited by the presence of dominant or recessive genes.

Macro Evolution is the genetic mutation of genes. In a sense, the addition of new information to the gene pool, like changing a dog into a cat. This brings us to two considerations:

1) the quantity of evidence of this kind of mutation, and
2) the probability of this kind of mutation.

1) No genetic mutation has ever been recorded in history in which new and useful information was added to the gene pool.
2) The problem of the unlikeness of such a mutation seems to be covered by time.

But let’s really look at the math. ASCI (the computer code I am writing this article with) is base 256. So this sentence – I am writing to you. – has a total of 20 characters. Thus the probability of getting this sentence by pounding on the keyboard is one in 256 to the power of 20, or 1.5X10 to the power of -48. In cosmological terms that equals zero.

The genetic code is base 4, and has millions of bits of information. Changing a simple genetic code string of only 1000 characters (a very small and unimportant genetic code) would be one in 4 to the power of 1000, or 10 to the power of -602. Considering that there are no more than 10 to the power of 81 atoms in the total universe, you can see how the probability drops far below unlikely. In fact, all the time in the universe could not be enough for even one mutation to take place, let alone all of the various different species we see.

So. not only does evolution lack even one example, but mathematically it is impossible. In my many years in the study of evolution I have never once seen an example of Macro Evolution presented. A theory that lacks any evidence is on shaky ground. When that theory contradicts the math, it must be relegated to fiction, and not science. Lacking any evidence that Evolution did take place. I see no reason why we as Christians need to retranslate the Bible to fit in with the notion of Evolution. God said what He meant.

Glenn Plant
(From the Monarch Standard 1999)