Would you like to cut the learning curve of great small group ministry by 18 months?

If you would, I think you are going to be very happy about this.

You can find out how to save time and answer the questions your key church leaders have about small group ministry.

What would it mean to have church members enthusiastic and committed to small group ministry?

What would it mean to avoid the mistake that most churches make when they are starting out?

What would it mean to have one, two, three…can’t miss… can’t mess-up steps to great small groups?

I think you should click this link immediately… because… unless I miss my guess, as soon as you do, it is going to brighten up your small group ministry considerably.

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Your group leaders will love you when you use the “Small Group Toolkit”

Your church’s small group Bible study leaders work just as hard as everyone else’s.

So, why is it that some churches seem to almost always have great small group Bible study discussions?

Do you ever wonder what to do with kids during your Bible study groups?

Do you wish your small groups were better at reaching out to your community, but you can’t seem to make it happen?

Would it help you to know the thirteen ‘insiders tips’ that all great group mini$trie$ do but few seem to be teaching?

Do you know the six word ‘magic phrase’ that ALWAYS increases discussion?

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P.S. You owe it to your leaders to give them everything they need to succeed.

This is it…a visitor walks into the church building. The visitor has taken the first step–a giant step.

They have overcome every barrier that has kept them away; fear, intimidation, social inertia, weekend distractions, preconceived notions and a million other reasons that have kept them away until now.

Now, this moment and this moment only, you have the chance to make a first impression that will forever color this visitor’s opinion of your church.

A visitor’s first thirty seconds in your church building is a time when you must get it right.

In Balaam,
Hymenaeus Blasphemous

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