Dr. John Hinton

And They Glorified God In Me
Galatians 1:24

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life,
whereunto thou art also called,
and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.
1 Timothy 6:12


A Linguistic-Based Ministry Devoted to the Reprinting of King James Equivalent Bibles throughout the World and to Presenting a Challenge to the Efforts of Publishers and Apostate Bible Societies to Pervert and Distort the Word of God

John Hinton
c/o 1737 Grace Lane
Columbus, Ohio [43220]

My Purpose

I intend to prepare out-of-print King James equivalent Bibles in numerous languages of the world, and to do battle against the Bible societies that seek to pervert God’s Word through the production of modern Bible translations. These societies have had huge success in replacing good Bible translations with Westcott-Hort style perversions of God’s word in virtually every language in the world. Many true Bibles have gone completely out of print and have left whole nations with virtually no access to Bibles with which they can grow as Christians. Christian converts can not graduate from milk to meat if they are fed on spiritual Similac, and that is all that most are getting today. My purpose is to prepare texts for the reprinting of as many of those older, true Bibles as I can, and to helping or urging others to prepare new ones.

My Motivations

A desire to help spread God’s Word to areas of the world that need it desperately.

A desire to help Christian converts in South Asia and other parts of the world grow as Christians – an almost impossible task with NIV/ASV-style translations.

A desire to make Bible-believing missionaries more aware of the need to examine the Bibles that they distribute.

A desire to challenge the deceptive tactics that Bible societies use to fool missionaries into believing that they are “improving” upon old translations.

My Criteria

I choose Bibles that match the King James Bible as closely as possible. No two languages can correspond perfectly and no Bible in any modern language is the complete equal to the King James Bible; but I seek to find those that come close. Bibles with only a handful of problems are not of great concern to me at this time. Bibles with hundreds or thousands of problems – that is to say those that line up with the NIV and all of the other perverted Westcott-Hort-derived counterfeits – are my concern. The latter description fits the overwhelming majority of “Bibles” being printed today.

My Methods

I will be hand typing the texts (none of which can be scanned due to their alphabets) with constant reference to the King James Bible, as well as to the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Bible. I will treat the KJB as the final authority in any and all cases where my judgment of the Greek and differs in any way from those who translated the KJB, who were divinely guided. I will make some alterations where necessary (such as the insertion of “begotten” between the words “only” and “son”), and correct any clear translation errors that I encounter, but I will otherwise retain the original translation. Modern spelling conventions have changed somewhat in some instances and I will change them where appropriate. I will NOT put my name on any Bible or attempt to share the credit with any of the great missionaries (like William Carey and Henry Martyn) who did, or sponsored, the original work for these Bibles.

My Purpose for the End Products

I will provide printed copies as well as computer-disk copies to anyone who will have them printed. The computerized texts will be made available over the internet in PDF and text form. No profit from the distribution of these Bibles will be sought and they are not and will not be copyrighted. I will search for churches to participate in the printing and distribution of the Bibles. They will be free to print their churches’ names on the Bibles. Most churches that distribute foreign Bibles do not have a clue as to the quality of their Bibles. I will endeavor to educate churches on this issue.

My First Goals

Hindi is spoken by over 487 million people. It is one of the top five most-spoken languages of the world. It is spoken mostly by Hindus who follow one of the world’s most demonic religions. The 19th century Bibles were quite good except for a few easy-to-fix flaws (such as changing “only son” to “only begotten son”), but they are out of print and next to impossible to find used. I want to reproduce this Bible first.

Urdu is spoken by over 150 million people in India and Pakistan. It is spoken mostly by Muslims. It took me 20 years to even find an Urdu Bible that I could purchase and it is perverted. The out-of-print 19th century translation is excellent and it is the second Bible that I plan to restore to print.

The French-speaking world has been without a Bible for well over a century. All of those printed today are perversions, most notably the highly corrupt Louis Segonde. The earlier Olivetan translation was a Textus Receptus-based Bible and was good, for the most part, but it still had some serious flaws. I am revising the Olivetan-Martin French Bible of 1744 to conform to the King James Bible. This will give the French-speaking world, which includes many African countries, as well as numerous island nations, their first true Bible in history.

My Later Goals

Other languages that used to have good Bibles before the societies attacked God’s word in them include Pashto and Bengali. Pashto is one of the two major languages of Afghanistan and Bengali is the language of West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. The latter has around 200 million speakers and is in the top ten for most spoken languages in the world. Other possibilities include: Gujarati with over thirty million speakers and Punjabi with over thirty million. I will be examining possible texts in these languages and many others with substantially large numbers of speakers. In some cases I may – at least initially – produce one book, such as the Book of John.

As time permits, I offer free consultation services to anyone who is seeking to produce or reprint a KJV-equivalent Bible in any language for which I could be of service. I do not necessarily have to know the language to be of assistance. My research skills, typing proficiency may prove useful for a broad range of languages beyond my own fields of study. Also, my experience as a foreign language library cataloger has given me experience in deciphering a very broad range of languages. For instance, I do not know any Indonesian, however, with the help of a dictionary, I could still determine whether or not it is Westcott-Hort-based or KJV/TR-based.

My Needs

I am not independently wealthy and have no retirement or social security checks to live on. This is a full-time job and I will need missionary support to be able to do it. However, I am a solo operation (save for informants who do not charge me money) and do not have serious overhead. Although my needs are modest, I do need to feed myself and my wife, and pay our mortgage and other necessary living expenses in order to be able to devote the thousands of hours that will be required to complete these projects. The only expenses directly related to my end of the project that I can foresee involve the purchasing a few computer programs, modest copying expenses, traveling expenses (within the U.S.A.) to acquire texts that I cannot acquire through libraries, and perhaps a foreign biblical text or two.

Why Help Me Do This Work

Because we should be grateful that we can easily obtain the Word of God, in spite of attacks against it by Bible-perverting publishers and Bible societies, we should wish that the rest of the world be equally blessed.

Because hundreds of millions of people have no access to true Bibles and these people matter to the Lord, and they should matter to us.

Because, I actually enjoy doing it. Although it involves a lot of long, difficult and tiring work (far too much to tackle without support), I love languages and Bible study. Why is this important? Would you rather hire someone who loves his work or someone who just does it because he is paid to do so?

Because my work is tangible, all supporting churches can promptly examine the progress of my work at any time.

Because I am a well qualified language expert (philologist), Bible scholar and King James Bible defender with the motivation to do the job and I care about the people of South Asia and of other parts of the world. This is a rare combination.

Because it is highly unlikely that anyone else will ever complete the task.

My Credentials

I am a born-again, Independent Baptist and a strict, uncompromising, unapologetic, relentless, feisty and fierce defender of the King James Bible as the true, living and inerrant Word of God as it stands now, with no concessions having to do with nonexistent original autographs.

A scholar of Hebrew and Greek, who does not use his scholarship to “correct” the Bible, but only to defend it.

I am proficient in, knowledgeable of, or currently am currently studying, virtually every language relevant to early biblical translation (Aramaic, Syriac, Samaritan, Coptic, Armenian, Georgian, Gothic, Latin and Old English, as well as French, Italian, Spanish, German and I possess elementary knowledge of several other European languages.

A professional translator and desktop publisher of Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Hindi, Urdu and other languages for translation companies, attorneys and corporations.

A provider of Bible Seminars designed to teach how to defend the King James Bible.

An expert on comparative religion, including Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

A former Ph.D. student in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department of Harvard University.

A holder of an M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School in Near Eastern and South Asian studies and a thorn in the side to the school’s liberal radicals.

A holder of a B.A. in Arabic, Summa cum laude with Honors and Distinction, 2nd Major in South Asian Studies, Minor in Persian, International Studies Certificate from the Ohio State University.

I Completed a “Year in India Program” in Benaris, India, where I studied Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Arabic.

Completed the Summer Intensive program in Hindi and Urdu at the University of Wisconsin.

Completed a Summer Arabic program at Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan.

I traveled extensively in India, Nepal and many other countries.

I am a fast and proficient typist in several languages, including those of India and Arabic (well over 70 words per minute in English).

For Further Information

Please contact me through the address, telephone numbers or e-mail address on the front of this brochure. I will be glad to provide a list of the verses that I use to examine the faithfulness of Bible translations upon request or a bibliography of books that will provide similar lists. Also, I will be glad to discuss the issue of King James Onlyism with any sincere Christians who are confused on the issue and who are uninformed as to the true differences between the Westcott-Hort “Bibles” and the King James Bible. However, I will not waste my time with apostates and hypocrites who know the facts but have rejected the truth due to rebelliousness or disbelief in the inerrancy of the Bible.

Sponsoring Church

Gateway Anabaptist Church
6146 E. Dunbar Rd.
Monroe, Michigan (48161)


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