And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. (Exodus 3:14)

Modern Church-goers Version: “And God said unto Moses, I AM What We Are: and he said, Thus you should say unto the kids of Israel, I AM has sent me to you.

This foul rendition of Exodus 3:14 does not actually appear in any modern version. Why then, some will ask, did you put it here? The answer is that I put it here to make the point that such a rendering fits into the modern attitude toward the Bible, and that there is little that would prevent this rendition from being accepted by the modern multi-version church. What criteria do modern church-goers use to decide what bible to use? The answer is virtually no criteria at all other than that it exists in print. The average modern heretic and apostate is not the least bit interested in whether or not the text they use accurately reflects any Greek or Hebrew texts at all. The issue of Received Text versus Alexandrian Texts does not concern him in the least, and he is unlikely to be aware of the issue. The qualifications of the translators do not concern him in the least either. He is oblivious to the fact that the Bibles that he uses were translated by atheists, agnostics, pagans, witches, sodomites, lesbians, supporters of perversion, probably some Catholic pedophiles, and every imaginable type of apostate, degenerate freak, and even if he did know, it would be unlikely to affect his choice. He trusts that they were linguistically qualified without having any basis whatsoever for this trust. It would be easy for him to discern the character and nature of the publishers of his bibles, but he is too lazy to inquire and too spiritually bankrupt to care how vile they may be. The easily demonstrable fact that pornographers, New World Order proponents, communist organizations, Catholic idolaters, abortion promoters, sodomite companies, and every repugnant apostate Christ-hating denomination under the sun are behind those publications does not affect his choice either. Basically what these modern multiple bible users choose as their criteria for judging a bible has nothing whatsoever to do with anything resembling reason or logic. Their criteria boil down to two.

Number one, is it in print? If it is, they will accept it, as long as it is not the true Bible. Some semiliterate crackheads could get together and make up a version and have it printed in a garage. It does not matter. They will put it on their shelves right next to one put together by scholars with Ph.D.s in Hebrew and Greek. It doesn’t even have to be printed. It could be put on the internet as was done by the idiot who created the NET version; it doesn’t matter. If it is published, they will take it seriously. They would be unlikely to read a manual on oil painting that was written by a blind man, but they will read anything called a bible without using any kind of discretion whatsoever. The next step that the modern church will take will be to elevate the Vedas, the Qur’an, the Dhammapada, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Upanishads, Bhagavatgita, and whatever else masquerades as scripture to the level of the Bible, but that is another topic.

The second criterion is that they must like what it says. If it appeals to them personally, and on a subjective level, they will accept it because they consider themselves to be the Final Authority. They lack the meager intelligence to see the folly of their first criterion, but nevertheless, they absurdly see themselves as being smart enough to judge God’s word.

In other words, they have placed themselves above the Bible and by doing so have put themselves above God. I had this expressed to me by an apostate owner of a pseudo-Christian book store in Plains City, Ohio. This gentleman ran a large warehouse of garbage in the form of Christian novels, romances, and theological poison, all of which quoted from the NIV or other perversions, along with almost every perverted bible under the sun.

When I argued that the KJV was the only Bible in the English language he guffawed the idea and went so far as to assert that once Christ is in one’s heart, it is not even necessary to have any Bible at all, because you became your own bible, so to speak. This devil expressed a view that I have since heard many other times by modern church-goers. No instruction book is necessary because they, apparently, are one with God. This is exactly what New Agers, Hindus, Sufis, Kabbalists, and adherents to other forms of Satanism claim. So, ultimately, they are rebels with no authority to guide and restrain them, and no instruction book to help them grow. In the end what is to keep any modern church-goer from making up his own verses? He is every bit as qualified as any of the reprobates that are behind the modern versions, most of which do little more than rewrite other English translations, and sift through the footnotes and commentaries of those versions. Why not create his own rendition as he goes along, and why not change it whenever it strikes his fancy? After all, what is the difference between changing verses oneself and picking one’s favorite rendition out of dozens of versions and pseudotranslations, or as many as a few hundred, as the New Age founder of the Purpose Driven Church movement suggests we do? Why not skip all the trouble and do it yourself? The above perversion of scripture fits very well into their theologies, and presenting such a version of the verse is consistent with their theologies, as well as to their approach to scripture.

John Hinton, Ph.D.
Bible Restoration Ministry
A ministry seeking the translating and reprinting of KJV equivalent
Bibles in all the languages of the world.