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God inspired and then preserved His Word and words in their entirety. God inspired and then lost His Word and words, but we do have at least 99 44/100% of them or better.
God promised to preserve His Word and words. God never promised to perfectly preserve His Word and words, only His thoughts.
The Bible is the Final Written Authority on all matters of faith and practice. Either man is the Final Written Authority on all matters of faith and practice or God is, or there is none. Or the Bible is, but I cannot define what the Bible is.
We know we are saved and can demonstrate so because we have a Final Written Authority, perfect Holy Scriptures, proving it. We “know” we are saved.
Original Greek and Hebrew nice to read, but of no importance any longer. Greek and Hebrew necessary to REALLY understand the Word of God.
There have always been two “words of God”: one real and one close to real. There is one Word of God, but it is within 200 or so versions for English and within the “original” Greek and Hebrew. It supersedes any English Bible.
The Word of God is within the pages of one book, in English. The Word of God is within the pages of any one of 200 different books, plus all of the Hebrew and Greek mss.
The Word of God is not a preference. It just IS. Whichever version you prefer, that is your Bible
: “Buy the truth and sell it not” means God never copyrights, but demands we spread the Word. He owns it. God never copyrights, but publishers have to in order to make money. Zondervan or Thomas Nelson own “God’s Word”.
We believe our Bible from cover to cover. We believe any good Bible from cover to cover, but not the King James ONLY. We know a good Bible when we see it, but not the King James Bible ONLY.
Narrowness is God’s M.O. in Biblical doctrines, and also His Word. Arrogance has nothing to do with it. Narrowness is not a basis for determining truth. Arrogance is man’s way of saying the KJB is the only Word of God in English. Narrowness is definitely a basis for determining truth. Most Churches, Pastors, Seminaries, mainstream Christians do not believe like you narrow-minded KJVO people!
God said He would preserve His Word and words perfectly, and would show us which one if we asked humbly an objectively. It is up to scholars to restore the Word of God, and they will reveal it to us. It is a living document, so mss are discovered continually and continuously which can be used to update it.
Man has lost his ability to understand God’s Word in plain Modern English due to laziness. The King James Bible contains archaic words or is too difficult to understand and needs to be updated with modern English.
“Oldest is oldest, best is best” “Oldest and best mss” is always true when in footnotes by known scholars.
Footnotes and marginal notes are nice guides for the blind Footnotes and marginal notes are good guides to correct the archaic King James Bible.
Our Bible is pure, perfect, no arrogance intended. NO Bible can be pure, perfect. Only the originals were perfect! What arrogance to suggest otherwise!
There have always been those who would deliberately corrupt Scripture to match their particular pet doctrines. They were in the Bible, and in history. There are “discrepancies”, but never deliberate errors.
It is up to God to preserve His Word and words, not man. It is up to man to restore, update, correct God’s Word, always using the latest discoveries of archeologists and determinations by scholars.
God is Holy; His Word must also be Holy. : God is Holy, but His Word is only 99 44/100% pure because Christian scholars say so.
You cannot and must not change, tamper with, alter, update or correct Gods Word. We must always be ready, willing and able to change, tamper with, alter, update or correct God’s Word.
Translation is God’s way of communicating between languages. Translation is fine, but God can’t translate from Hebrew to English and Greek to English; therefore He allows paraphrasing for difficult passages.
God did not have to specifically promise to preserve His Word by translating it in 1611 into English. He simply said He would preserve it. If He did say that, there would have been no Bible until 1611. Without a verse stating that God would promise to preserve His Word by translating it in 1611 into English, it is a completely man-made doctrine.
Greek and Hebrew are incomplete at best, as the Word is Finalized by God. Greek and Hebrew may be complete or incomplete, but we need them to know what God said.
God preserved His Word and words, not just ideas. God preserved His thoughts, ideas.
God cannot be put “in a box” by having only ONE Bible. Preservation means all in one place, able to be held in your hands and revealed by God as such to us. Putting God in a box is demanding that He have 200 “versions” or dumb it down to our ignorant, weak English understanding or else! KJVOers put God “in a box” by saying it is only the KJB that is God’s Word in English.
200 “versions” of what God said is not preservation. It is confusion. 2,000,000 versions are not even enough to reveal what God said.
Scholars are not well spoken of by God very much. Scholars RULE! Archeologists RULE! Modern Versions RULE!
God was never interested in originals, but perfect copies of copies of copies. “In the original Greek it was perfect.” “In the original Hebrew it was perfect.”
Formal equivalence (translation) is God’s only way. Dynamic equivalence has to suffice.
There is one real Bible, but many false ones which contain truth mixed in with lies. All Bibles are real, contain truth, do not contain deliberate lies, but none IS the Truth, especially NOT that old King James! They simply say the same thing in different ways. Stop putting God in your KJVO Box!
Ideas, thoughts and doctrines are derived from exact words. Ideas, thoughts and doctrines may come from different words to say the same things. For instance, “Lucifer” can be “Morning Star”or “Day Star”, “Dragon” can be “jackal”, “unicorn” can be “wild ox”, “Comforter” can be “Counselor”, “Advocate”or “Helper”. They all SAY the same thing .…except the KJB…….it is archaic and says the wrong thing.
True, born-again believers in God’s Word risked their lives and were martyred, slaughtered by the Roman Catholic Church in the Dark Ages to give us this Bible alone and no other. People were martyred, slaughtered by the Roman Catholic Church in the Dark Ages. It had nothing to do whatsoever with the King James Bible.
We trust the King James Bible translators, knowing that the public cross-checked all spelling, punctuation, grammar and fixed all typographical typesetting errors within a generation. We trust the new corporate publishers and mainstream Christian big names to give us more updated versions. Privacy is key to prevent meddling by the non-scholarly public, plebian, commoners’ eyes.
A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. A little leaven maketh risen dough, but is irrelevant to a good or bad Bible.
King James Bible is written in Modern English, not Middle and certainly not Olde English. The King James Bible is written in archaic, Olde English and needs to be updated by newer versions.
The AV 1611 is essentially the same as today’s King James Bible. “Faith cometh by hearing”, not by spelling or punctuation. Which “version” of the King James Bible do you have? Which “revision”? The 1611? 1620? 1768? 1776? 1832? 1865? 1929? 1945? 1955? 1969? 1980? 1992? 93? 2007? Cambridge? Oxford?
Note: “yea, hath God said?”
It is not OK to alter, remove from or add to the Word of God “64,000 missing words? Missing verses? Come on now! The oldest and best mss do not contain these words!”
God decided the Canon and used man to establish it. Man decided the Canon, maybe with God’s help.
“Giveth” is the same as “give”. “Giveth” is Olde and needs to be updated to “bestowed” or “bequeathed” or “administered”, despite the amount of syllables. The scholars said so.
English was at its Zenith in and around 1611. English was Olde in 1611, and 1611 English is Olde today.
All languages devolve All languages evolve
Reading aloud is to be encouraged, but needs ONE Bible to do so. Reading aloud was nice in the 1800s, but we have too many different versions to sound good any more.
Jesus said, “________ _________ _______ __ ____ _____ _______ _____” We don’t and can’t know for sure exactly all that Jesus said, as the scholars are still trying to determine that through reconstruction from “older and better mss”
There are two bloodlines of mss, plus lectionaries, Bibles, hymnals, commentaries, etc. One is corrupted, one is not. There are two bloodlines of mss, both are correct, but one is older and better-ours!
Antioch is where they were first called Christians. Alexandria was known for paganism, idolatry, etc. Alexandria is where the best translations come from. Take, for instance, the LXX…
We used to argue over what the Bible said, now we also argue over what it IS. We agree over what it is, it is just that we disagree on how many they are. Plus we can unite even with over 200 “versions” of what God said; it is just those “ONE Bible onlyists” who DIVIDE us!
The Bible is finished. The Bible is evolving, just like man……stay tuned.
Ultimately it comes down to faith, and bowing the knee opens the eyes. It is undetermined, indeterminable, awaiting final judgment, and I am the Final Authority…along with the scholars.
Which Bible is the Final Authority has been proven by God to man Which Bible is the Final Authority cannot be proven by anyone, to anyone. Only the originals were perfect.
Only ONE Bible can be perfect and Holy; hence HOLY Bible No Bible can be perfect as man taints them all. But we are working on it with the scholars, archeologists, etc.
God can use other versions, but they contain the Word of God, they are not the perfect, complete Word of God. God also used Balaam’s ass. KJVO people only believe that God can only use the King James Bible, period.
It is easier to read and at a lower grade level than any other version and the problem lies with the laziness of people who refuse to learn plain Modern English. It is too difficult to understand, so we have to update the “archaic language”.
The modern versions “update the archaic language” by injecting archaic language in other places The modern versions “update the archaic language” with more modern, common English words.
Doctrines are completely missing in verses-not to mention entire verses. All major doctrines are found elsewhere in the Modern Versions and when they are missing in one place, they are taught in another.
“Ye shall know the truth” and “The Comforter will guide you into all truth” and “The Comforter will teach you all things and bring to remembrance whatsoever things I have said” Comforter? We do not have a comforter. We have a helper, a counselor and an advocate, but no Comforter. And we cannot be sure of all truth; only what the scholars have said they have “recovered” from the “oldest and best mss”
God cares if we disagree on what it IS. God only cares if we disagree on what is SAYS, not what it IS.
One change makes it UNHoly All changes are necessary and valid to “update the archaic language” and that does not make them UNHoly. Just different. Stop putting God in your KJVO box!
Must be accepted by faith, not by sight and, just like salvation, “believing is seeing.” You must prove it to me with actual verses stating God would make a Bible in 1611 under King James ONLY, otherwise it is a manmade doctrine. “Seeing is believing.”
True, Biblical Revival (emptying of jails, bars, closure of liquor stores, filling of pews with repentant souls) throughout Church history in the last 1,000 years has only always come from the KJV and the preachers thereof. Revival? Whatterya nuts? Millions are getting saved today through mainstream ministries such as Billy Graham, Dr. Joyce Meyers, Chuck Swindoll, Dr. Dobson, Greg Laurie, Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, Ophrah Winfrey, Luis Palau! Mega-Churches are springing up all over the place! Look at TBN, man! Worldwide!
Believing Jews in the O.T. and the N.T. Church never would have dreamed of having “versions” of what the Levites were stewards of. “There’s no verse in the Bible which says you cannot have a version and you KJVO people know it!”
There were no “Higher Critics” IN the Bible, and Jesus accepted “the Scriptures” as true from Genesis to Malachi. We need higher critics.
King James was not a homosexual, and there is no evidence whatsoever for it, except from his enemies after he died. King James was also a homosexual! Any good Christian knows that! Nanner nanner nanner!
God never said in Hebrew that He would write a set of New Testament Scriptures in Greek, but He did. Even you accept that. God never said He would write the Scriptures in English, therefore He must not have!
Ah…….thanks so much Bible Rejectors for galvanizing our position and letting us know that God is right, and just how right He alone is.

His, of The Original
Bob Zuvich

Received from the Which Version Forum