An ancient symbol appears on the covers or cover pages of virtually all New King James Version Bibles, which is called the triquetra. The liner of the NKJV explains the meaning of the triquetra thus: “Triquetra (from a Latin word meaning “three-cornered”) is an ancient symbol for the Trinity. It comprises three interwoven arcs, distinct yet equal and inseparable, symbolizing that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three distinct yet equal Persons and indivisibly One God.” Is this what it really means?

The triquetra that adorns this version tells us all we need to know about the NKJV, and it is enough by itself to tell all but the most spiritually dead among Christians that it is to be shunned like the plague. Let us take a look at some of the folks that use the same symbol and see if it really is a Christian symbol of the trinity as the Catholic owned Thomas Nelson company says that it is. Before starting it should be pointed out that the NKJV’s footnote for 1 John 5:7 lies to its readers by telling them that only a few very late manuscripts include this verse. Isn’t it strange that the version with an alleged symbol of the trinity would attack the trinity within its text (annotated versions). The evidence that follows will make it clear that it is only the Christian trinity that is being attacked. The trinity that is represented by the triquetra is another one entirely.

Gryphon’s Moon, a designer of pagan jewelry, describes the meaning of the triquetra thus: “The number three was significant to the early Celts, who used it to represent the three-fold nature of the Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone), or the Christian Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost).” This company also sells jewelry with dragons, moon goddesses and many other pagan images and symbols. Is this the type of symbol that Christians should be displaying? One that can be either pagan or Christian, depending on your tastes!

Goodfibes offers a triquetra that they describe in a similar manner: “A protective amulet and symbol of the Three-Part Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone) and later, a symbol of the Christian Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost).”

A related symbol that uses a threefold pattern based on human legs goes under the name Triquetra or Trinacria. Its origins are quite ancient and it is believed to be a representation of Baal in his threefold form of god of spring, summer and winter. The legs are believed to be representations of phases of the moon. It was used in Phoenicia, later in Greece, and later yet in Sicily where it is still used to this day as a charm. I will leave it to other researchers to prove or disprove its relationship with our triquetra, but the similarity appears to be more than just superficial. Could our more modern triquetra be a more abstract version of this symbol of Baal worship?

Triquetra coins are offered by a company called Magickware that specializes in a wide variety of occult merchandise. The message on the coin reads: “Do as you will, an it harm none” (sic.) This is a common slogan of witches. Like virtually all companies that sell triquetras, this one also sells pentagrams. Another company describes the triquetra thus: “A triquetra is an ancient protective Triple Goddess symbol. The three yonic vesicas are spaced evenly and often a circle is added. Some versions are interlaced as in this one, some are not.” One particularly perverted jewelry manufacturer specializes in huge variety of New Age, pagan, Satanic and Egyptian symbols, as well as symbols from many of the world’s religions. The Triquetra is one of their most popular designs. They advertise them side by side with a non-abstract 666 design pendant. They seem to know that they are connected, why don’t modern church-goers? Yet another company, which is geared toward a sodomite and lesbian clientele, describes their specially designed triquetra variations as trisexual symbols. Their meaning is not hard to figure out by studying them. They mix the male and female symbols into the design. Since Pentagrams and almost always sold side by side with triquetras, as they are from the same ultimate source, will Thomas Nelson put a pentagram on one of their future Bible versions a few years down the line? Do not mistake that question as being sarcastic – I truly would not be surprised.


The television program “Charmed” has a slogan that is linked to the triquetra: “The power of three will set you free.” Are modern Christians going to tell us that refers to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? The symbol is quite prominent on the show and appears on the ouija board and the planchette (handheld part) of the board that is used on the show, as well as on the cover and title page of the Book of Shadows, which is a book of witchcraft spells. The fans of this shockingly wicked show are particularly fond of the triquetra. The “Charmed Writers’ Guild” has a website that expresses this fondness well. Perhaps they are also big NKJV fans.

Another company offers pirage boards, which they describe as a variation on the ouija board. The designer states that: “The Triquetra represents the Holy Trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) with Christians or the threefold nature of the Goddess (as virgin, mother and crone) with Pagans and Wiccans. One of it’s objectives, according to myth, is to protect the user from evil influence when using channeling boards.” If we are to believe that this symbol can be either Christian or pagan, what kind of Christian would wear it when it causes so much confusion? Or should we assume that such Christians see no problem with the dichotomy? Dawnstorm sells two different ouija boards that incorporate the triquetra. The first also displays pentagrams and the Satanic yin and yang symbol, which suggests that good and evil are just two sides of the same coin. The second design is one that is inspired by the Charmed television show. Terry Watkins discovered a triquetra design on a tarot card, which was designed by Aleister Crowley himself. I do not know how many tarot cards use this symbol, and I am not going to buy any to look for it, but I had no trouble finding a number of tarot card boxes that have it displayed on their lids. The Witches Shop carries a tarot card box that is adorned with a triquetra that they say “symbolizes the three faces of the Goddess, balance of Mind, Body and Spirit, and other Divine Trinities. The circle signifies the ever-turning cycle of life, death & rebirth.” The also offer a yin and yang symbol tarot card box.

A revolting little site on the internet entitled “Morticia’s Morgue Occult Emporium” offers items sorted by type, which include Witchcraft & Pagan, Gothic & Vampire, Pentacles & Pentagrams, Goddess & Feminist, Egyptian, and of course, a whole section devoted to triquetras. In addition to jewelry, they also offer a tarot box card adorned with a triquetra.

There are many companies that offer triquetra chalices. Like most, Fairmoon sells Wiccan Chalices with triquetras or with pentagrams. Since they are a matching set, both would go together well. However, the modern Christian might want to be a little less conspicuous and stick to the triquetra. Just think, this modern Christian can use his chalice in a communion ritual, and if he knows any practicing witches he can lend them the same chalice for drinking blood at a black mass. Talk about ecumenism, we truly have entered a brave new world!

Other companies that sell triquetras include Triple Goddess, Goddess Flight, Pagan Gardens, Aneski, Strega, Rbuehl, Wyccad Myste, For Your Witchy Desires, Harness the Power of the Ancients, Spirit,, Witch On Line Auctions, Coffin Full of Crows, Wild Wisdom, Capricorn’s Lair, WiccaWorks, Heavenly Alchemy, Pagan Definitions and Modern Christians need not worry; I am sure that none of these companies would discriminate and that they would be more than happy to supply churches with whatever Satanic paraphernalia
that they have in stock.

Trilateral Commission

The New World Order organization that is dedicated toward bringing about a Christianless one-world government has, what else, but a modified triquetra for its logo. The three sixes are hard to miss in this variation of triquetra.

Marilyn Ferguson

Marilyn Ferguson, a new age author, uses it the cover of both her books. In her demented theology we are told that we can be cocreators with God. In other words we can be as gods, or as the serpent in the Garden of Eden put it in Genesis 3:4-5: “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” She goes on to say that we are God, but must first come to that realization. Her solution to solving the world’s problems is the elimination of “narrow-minded” Christians so that the “enlightened” beings of the New Age may evolve to godhood unmolested. Isn’t it strange that a “Bible” would have the same symbol on its cover that is on the cover of a woman who wants to see all Bible-believing Christians slaughtered.

Miscellaneous Other Triquetra Sightings

While working on a translation project for a library, I stumbled upon a Spanish radical feminist conference paper that sported a very similar and equally large triquetra on its cover. A group that organizes New Age tours called Triquetra Journeys offered shamanistic experiences in various parts of the world. Their website appears to have vanished since I first discovered it, and I have been unable to find any of my copies of their literature, but aphotograph of a hideous idol, called “the Black Madonna,” that was the focal point of one of their tours can be found in a past edition of Texe Marrs’ Flashpoint. The Order of Selohaar uses the triquetra as their symbol. This organization describes itself as a mystical, pagan society that is dedicated to the medieval idea of chivalry. They do not call themselves wiccan, but they freely admit sharing some of their rituals, although they claim to be devoted to magic rather than to the worship of deities. They do profess a kinship with neopagan groups. Texe Marrs found Triquetras on smart cards, including this one put out by visa. Considering visa’s huge role in bringing about a cashless society, this is not surprising. A bank in the Netherlands called Triodosbank uses the triquetra as their logo. A researcher noticed a particular fondness for sixes among many of the banks of the Netherlands noticed this ad of the Triodosbank which was scanned from a radio & TV guide of a Dutch evangelical broadcasting corporation. Since some subscribers informed them on this bank and what they stand for this same broadcasting company spent an entire article on them. They found out that this bank has ties with the occult ‘anthroposophy.’

A triquetra logo is used by the German company ThyssenKrupp group. The Krupp family is alleged to be an illuminati family. Gustav Krupp was the head of the Krupp munitions business. An advisor of Hitler, as well as an important figure in the Nazi party, Gustav used hundreds of thousands of concentration camp slaves in his factories. He was brought to trial at Nuremberg, but was a serious sentence due to his age. The Krupp family no longer owns Krupp since the companies merger with the Thyssen company, but their symbol speaks a thousand words.

One of the more unusual places that I found the symbol was on the letterhead of a letter from the United States Army Psycorp. It was in the Army’s field manual (FM 100-19) Civil Affairs, which is their manual on how to subdue civilian populations. In other words, when Christian roundup time begins in New World Order America, the manual that gives them directions will include in it the same symbol that adorns the so-called New King James Version.


Led Zeppelin was one of the earliest Rock bands to openly express Satanism. Jimmy Page, the lead vocalist for the band, even went so far as to purchase Aleister Crowley’s house in England. Two types of triquetras appear as the bands logo, or trademark.

Apologetix, is a “Christian rock” band that specializes in parodies of famous rock songs. I had the misfortune of hearing this band live. I was actually expecting to hear a gospel band and it turned out to be so-called “Christian” Rock. The concert was presented in a church full of people sitting around in their underwear (they would call them shorts). The opening band blared away so loudly that the lyrics were unintelligible – which was probably a blessing – and included rock concert style smoke, which gave the church pulpit a Hell-like appearance. On my way out the door I looked at a large stack of Bibles that were on a table behind the pews. They were all NKJVs with large triquetras displayed on their covers. When apologetix came on they played equally loud and played to the pagan and sensual ideals that are behind Rock music. I stayed in the gym at the other end of the church and still needed earplugs. They included among their songs a parody of the Eagles “Hotel California,” a song about Aleister Crowley’s church of Satan. They also sang a parody of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” which Jimmy Page stated was channeled to him while he was living in Aleister Crowley’s former manor. This band, of course, claims that they Christianized the lyrics. However, the melodies themselves come from demons and as such should be left entirely alone. Oddly, this blasphemous counterfeit Christian band has the same symbol on three of their album covers of which Led Zeppelin is so fond. This band’s third album is entitled Jesus Christ Morningstar. Is this intended as a slanderous reference to the NIV’s equation of Jesus and Lucifer?

P.O.D. a Satanic rock band that masquerades as a Christian band mixes demonic Rashtafarian imagery with pagan Catholic imagery, and not surprisingly, show a great fondness for the triquetra. This demonic band is one of the worst mockeries of our Lord that I have ever seen, which is another thing that it has in common with the NKJV.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

A company called Christian Symbols Unlimited blasphemes God by blatantly disregarding the clear injunction against Christmas trees in Jeremiah 10 and actually offers “Christian” Christmas tree ornaments. Their claim is that they want to put Christ back in Christmas. What next, do we put triquetras on Easter eggs to try to bring Christ back into that Babylonian holiday? Not surprisingly one of these ornaments is a silver-colored triquetra.


The Biblical injunction against marking one’s body is shoved aside by a company that claims to be devoted to “Christian” tattoos. Not surprising, the one example that they display on their website is a Satanic symbol, the triquetra, instead of a Christian symbol. The tattoo that is shown in their ad is a much more prominent display of three sixes than the usual form of triquetra. I would be curious if this company would encourage a “Christian” to have this mark tattooed into their right hand or forehead.

Demon Fleet

One of the more bizarre manifestations of the symbols that I found was in the name of a “Klingon” on a website for the Klingon Assault group. I will let him speak for himself: “I am Tor’Ka vestai Triquetra. I am he who speaks for “The say’Ha’ngan ruv” which is to say in english (sic.) “The Demon Justice”. As you have seen on our page we are a Demon Fleet vessel of the Klingon Assault Group. I have been part of The Klingon Assault group for over 4 years now. During this time I have developed several other personas. This is a legal way of having multiple personalities all displayed at the same time.”

Is it also a Christian Symbol?

Now as for the claim that the triquetra also is a Christian symbol. What Christian churches display the symbol and what can we say about these churches? Number one, the catholic church is responsible for its use within professed Christian circles. This is not surprising since the counterfeit church has, from its very origins, done nothing but disguise ancient Babylonian and pagan beliefs and symbols in Christian garb. The catholic church has introduced god worship in the form of saints, Ishtar worship in the form of Mary, substitutes for Christ in the form of Popes, idolatry in the form of images and sacred relics, and it has transformed a multitude of pagan holidays and rituals into counterfeit Christian ones. Also, and perhaps worst of all, it has done everything in its power to hide the word of God from the world. The Catholic church is, and has never been anything but, an anti-Christ attack on the true church and the true Jesus. For Christians to adopt a pagan symbol into their Christian practice because the mystery Babylon whore, the Catholic church, has done so, is a strong indication of the depths to which the modern church has fallen.

Most, if not all, World Council and National Council of Churches are proud to display the symbol. These perverse organizations have communist ideals and represent the very antithesis of Biblical teaching. Their member churches not only promote or condone communism and socialism, murder of Christians in third world countries, murder of unborn babies, the acceptance of sexual perversions like homosexuality, but they even go so far as to ordain sodomites and lesbians as ministers.

Episcopalians have never been much more than Catholic style idolaters without Popes. These days many are actually reuniting with the Pope, but going even farther astray than the traditional Catholic church by ordaining openly homosexual men and women, by marrying them in their churches and by condoning the mass murder of helpless unborn babies like the rest of the apostate churches. This church assuredly should advertise its apostasy by displaying triquetras.

Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans and even some Baptist denominations have sadly joined hands with sodomites, abortionists, as well. All of these denominations are accepting, if not encouraging, the acceptance of other religions, as well as the anti-Christ goals of New World Order and the United Nations. This pagan symbol that displays triple sixes is an ideal logo to unite these apostate churches in their efforts to help bring about a one world religion. For Bible believing Christians to accept this symbol as Christian is to require a level of insanity and stupidity that is hard to believe.

A final reason to reject the NKJV should be fairly obvious, but for some reason it is not to a large segment of the church going public. Men suffered persecution, torture and were murdered to produce the KJB and the Bible spread throughout the whole world because of it. For nearly 400 years the English speaking world has been quoting from the KJB, and not only does it permeate sermons and Christian literature, but it permeates secular literature and our very spoken language. Presenting a so-called new King James Bible confuses those who hear it quoted and present an option to the traditional word. This not only undermines the Bible in general, but it opens the door to hundreds of other interpretations. How does a NKJV supporter make the claim that both the KJB and the NKJV are equal translations when they do not agree? If we are to allow one alternative, why should we not allow a few hundred, or a few thousand alternatives? Are we so gullible that we are to believe that the mere attaching of the name King James to a version grants it holiness? If so what is to stop other publishers from producing a Even Newer King James, an Alternate King James or a Better King James Bible? Would they not be granted the same ignorant backing for simply making the claim that they honor the original King James Bible?

In conclusion, I would assert that the purpose of the NKJV is to attempt to hoodwink King James Bible only Christians into compromising their stance by accepting an alternative. Most of the more frequently perverted texts are left alone for no other reason than that they would be noticed immediately. Although, the NKJV is full of more subtle perversions, its main purpose introduce compromise, as well as to encourage the spread of an ancient symbol of witchcraft and Satanism.

John Hinton, Ph.D.
Bible Restoration Ministry
A ministry seeking the translating and reprinting of KJV equivalent
Bibles in all the languages of the world.