“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (Revelation 13:16)

Ever since the RV and ASV, users of modern versions have been given the misleading translation of this verse in such a manner:

ASV 16 “And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead;”

RSV “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,”

There is only one problem with most of these versions, and that that the mark of the beast is stated to be on the hand and not in it as the KJV tells us. These two prepositions are small words, but the error is not a small one at all. Some translations go so far as to mislead readers by insinuating that the mark is a tattoo. This is not impossible, since a tattoo is both on the skin and in the skin, but it is not stated in any Greek text and at best it is a guess. At worse, it is a lie to misguide those who fall for the new version scam.

The translation “on the hand or forehead” is not hard to understand. The usual meaning of the preposition epi is most often “on” and it is how most would have translated this verse at first sight. In fact, if I was seeing the text for the first time, it is exactly how I would have translated it. I would have translated it that way because I am far less of a Greek scholar than the translation team members of the King James Bible committee, and because I am not used as an instrument of God to preserve his word in the English language — I am only a defender of it. On the other hand, the modern Bible “corrector” thinks that he is superior to the sum and total of all of these great men, in spite of the fact that his Greek abilities are dwarfed by the least of the Greek translators on the KJV committee. The modern Greek student is little more than a babe compared to these men who learned the language long before the dumbing down of education took its toll on today’s academy. They spoke the language, were able to write prose in it, and were entrenched in it. There are a few universities with classics departments like Bryn Mawr and Berkley in modern times that have standards of Greek scholarship that are truly outstanding, but few truly well-rounded students of the language are produced on the whole, and none on the level of the great scholars of the 17th century. Most seminary students are sloppy and inexperienced with any Greek other than koine, and could not form a sentence without errors, even if their vocabularies were sufficient to do so. They certainly could not write a simple essay in Greek, let alone a complicated sentence. The majority of those who think that they can correct the Bible do not even know any Greek at all. There is hardly a church in America that does not have at least one con artist with meager mental ability who uses Strong’s Concordance to find definitions that will enable him to babble boastfully how the KJV translators had it wrong. He barely knows his own language, let alone Greek, but he has learned to use that book, or a similar one, to convince the gullible and rebellious that he is wise. Romans 1:22 was written for the likes of such men: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

Revelation 13:16 is one of those verses that fakes and second-rate Greek scholars use to puff themselves up, and it requires only the most elementary level of study. Yes, indeed, when epi is used as a preposition it is most often translated as “on” just as all dictionaries will tell us. I did learn this the very first day that I began studying koine Greek, and probably learned it the first day that I began studying Greek twenty some years ago when my focus was on Modern Greek. This is as basic as it gets, so why do these Bible “correcting” pipsqueaks think that these great scholars of old, who were far more educated than they will ever be, did not know the most common meaning of epi? This is not just ignorance, but the worst kind of arrogance. The fact that they chose not to translate epi as “on” demonstrates that they knew something the modern quasi or pseudo-scholar does not know. These 53 men (the 54th died early) knowingly translated or approved of the translation of epi as “in” in its context for a reason. The preposition epi can also mean in, to, at, with, along with, and a number of other similar meanings. It must be read in context before it is translated, and unlike the correctors of today, the KJV translators were able to do that. They did, and they realized that a xaragma, which is translated as mark, involves a scratching or etching into the skin. This, we could imply, would include injections, although the idea of injections was not known when the text was written. Any philologist of even meager ability realizes that prepositions cannot be put into neat little boxes. They virtually never translate perfectly from one language to another. For instance, if we were to make a word for word translation of “turn the light on” or “turn the light off” into any foreign language, we would not be understood at all. For another example, when one learns a preposition in Arabic like ‘ala, the meaning of “on” will be learned first. If we were to try to translate it as “on” in every instance, we would make a complete mess out of the language, because ‘ala means a whole lot more than just “on”, and it frequently requires either a lot of experience or a lot of thought to discern what it means in a given passage. I am sure that there is not a language in the world that uses prepositions that does not have other examples. The translators of old put their discernment to work when they translated epi; the modern version pseudo-translators did not.

Many other Greek translators, all of whom greatly exceeded the learning of the modern academic Bible so-called scholar, before and after the King James was translated, came up with the same conclusion concerning this passage. The Spanish Reina Vallera, Italian Diodati, Latin Vulgate, and Ethiopic all agree with the King James.

Reina Valera of 1909 (following earlier versions) 13:16 Y hacía que á todos, á los pequeños y grandes, ricos y pobres, libres y siervos, se pusiese una marca en su mano derecha, ó en sus frentes:

Diodati: Faceva encora che a tutti, piccoli e grandi, ricchi e poveri, franchi e servi fosse posto un carattere in su la lor mano destra, o in su le lor fronti:

Vulgate: et faciet omnes pusillos et magnos et divites et paupers et liberos et servos habere caracter in dextera manu aut in frontibussuis

Luther’s German translation has “an ihre rechte hand oder an ihre Stirn.” The preposition “an” refers to being at, with, near, on, or in something, and therefore has a broader range of meaning than our English “in” has, but this translation does not contradict that of the King James Bible. It does not say “auf ihre Hand,” which would mean “on the hand” as the NIV, NKJV, and virtually all modern versions say. The German translation of the so-called Good News Bible, Die Gute Nachricht in heutigen Deutsch, does precisely that. “…auf ihre rechte Hand oder ihre Stirn machen.”

The ancient French texts are similar. Both the Ostervald and the Martin have “a la main”

“Et elle faisait que tous, petits et grands, riches et pauvres, libres et esclaves, prenaient une marque à la main droite ou à leurs fronts;”

If the French translaters had meant “on the hand or forehead” they would have used the preposition “sur” in order to be precise. This is what the Westcott-Hort-based Louis Segonde does.

“16 Et elle fit que tous, petits et grands, riches et pauvres, libres et esclaves, reçussent une marque sur leur main droite ou sur leur front,”

The French “à la main” has a range of meanings very similar to that of the German “an”. It means that the mark is at, near, with, in, or on the hand. Like the German of Luther (and other early German works) neither ancient French translation contradicts the King James Bible translation. It is possible that the translators were not sure how to deal with the mark. After all, they worked on the text long before there was any real clue as to what is probably meant by the mark. All that they knew is that a xaragma was carved or engraved into something, or inscribed.

Today, we can be reasonably confident that the mark of the beast will be a biochip that will be inserted under the skin. Such chips have been injected into livestock and pets for decades, and it has long been theorized that people are to be targeted for these chips. There was a time when some naive and ignorant people guffawed the idea that such tracking devices would ever be placed in people, but only the most foolish of the willingly ignorant can pretend that it is not happening now.

The Bible makes it clear that the mark will be used for buying and selling, as well as for identification. Decades of planning and theorizing have gone into shifting the economies of the world into cashless societies. Only in a cashless society where money is intangible and under the control of a central authority can people be reduced to total livestock. America, including America’s Christians, have allowed our country to be taken over by an international banking cartel called the Federal Reserve with armed thugs (IRS, BATF, FBI, FEMA, etc.) that enforce their godless will on the masses through terror. We have been numbered like prisoners with the Socialist Slavery Number, which some confuse with social security. The Bill of Rights and Constitution have been null and voided and the Bible has been removed from the public arena, and has been replaced with faith-based community organizations and other 501(c)3 government corporations that have turned away from Christ and turned toward Caesar. We have allowed devils and degenerates to rule over us, and as a consequence, the technology for the mark of the beast is ready now for those too weak and reprobate to take a stand.

ISO 9000 is another clever way our hidden fascist masters are making sure that we are all employed – by major corporate slave masters that is. The International Standard Organization claims to be concerned with protecting the quality and safety of our workplaces. What it really does is make international corporate slaves out of all of us by denying work and income to anyone not participating in their scheme. It also allows an international bankster front organization to control what we sell, and how and where we market it. It reduces the quality of products and the quality of working environments because it bogs down each and every employee with the most complicated, convoluted and oppressive processes imaginable. In the future, anyone who cannot afford the huge expense of signing into this oppressive program will be unable to compete in the global market, and slaves of the ISO system will be told that they are forbidden from hiring non-ISO workers. Even lawn mowers may be affected as major corporations start including lawn care in their services. Non-ISO lawn mowers may be hired in secret, but they will probably have to settle for considerably less money, or break down and work for a corporation.1

National ID’s, or papers as they have been known in other fascist systems like Nazi Germany, are worldwide now, and are about to become required to buy and sell in America. Travel permits with barcodes, digitalized photographs, magnetic strips, socialist slavery numbers, and biometrics are already ipso facto national ID’s. Debit cards are becoming the norm instead of tangible cash, and it is only a step away before they will be replaced with an insertable chip, as is already happening in some quarters. Companies like Avid, Destron-Fearing, Digital Angel, and Verichip started out by chipping livestock and pets, but now speak of adding people to their livestock list. Right now there is even a plot to chip all domestic animals from chickens to cows with trackable chips. Not only will this intrude on the independence and liberty of Americans, but it will make the private raising of livestock impossible for anyone not owned and controlled by a rich corporation.


for the USDA’s own description of this program. Also, take a look at what some fascists at Clemson University are doing to encourage this brave new world of terror and oppression:

For a wealth of information on the program provided by a group trying to fight this wicked encroachment on our rights, go to nonais.com.

Meanwhile companies like Monsanto and the Cargill Corporation are patenting hybrid seeds and criminalizing anyone who grows their plants without permission. These plants will degenerate into useless weeds if the seeds are collected for more than a season or two. So between the ISO, the USDA’s NAIS, the major seed conglomerates, and the international banksters who control these organizations our entire food supply is being taken out of our control. This should frighten all of us.

The idea of inserting trackable chips in people is now being brought into the open. I’ll never forget hearing pseudo-conservative Paul Harvey break from his usual commercial-filled monologue to making a statement that he thought inserting chips in people would be a good idea. Of course, he thought it should only be done with “bad” people, although he did not define who they were. He had nothing to say about the attack on privacy, independence, freedom, and dignity. I saw two different 60 Minutes hosts, Andy Rooney and Charles Grodin say the exact thing. Like Harvey, they had no criticisms, but only good things to say about the idea. Of course, they were not volunteering for it themselves.

In the May 11, 2002 issue of Time an article called Meet the Chipsons was published.2 Accompanied by a photograph of a family that looked strikingly braindead was an article describing a boy named Derek who was volunteering to be chipped. As Time put it: “He’s becoming a cyborg–part man-child, part machine. Derek, his mom Leslie and his dad Jeffrey are the first volunteer test subjects for a new, implantable computer device called VeriChip.” This company is becoming bolder and bolder with it plan of inserting chips into people. It is already being done in Brazil, and Italy where Italian bar flies are being chipped to spare themselves of the “hassle” of carrying cash into their hangouts. The word “pathetic” just isn’t enough. In the Chipsons article not only are we told that in the future we will be merged with computers, but that “resistance is futile.” This is a phrase from a Star Trek series in which a fictional culture of people merged with machines into one mass mind with no individuality, and as a perfect collective consciousness devoid of any trace of independence. This phrase sounded ominous coming from the fictional Borg’s collective mouths. Unlike the New Age authors of the Star Trek script, the New World Order advocates at Time thought that it was something cute and amusing, much as a TV network turned Orwell’s fictional allusion to a nightmare world of cruel and total totalitarianism into a “cute” TV program about degenerates, whores, sodomites, and assorted nitwits living in a house together trying to use deceit to eliminate each other through the watchful eyes of omnipresent cameras.

Before this braindead family was used to help boil the proverbial frog there was the experiment of Kevin Warwick in England. “A professor at the University of Reading in England has had a silicon chip transponder implanted into his arm to demonstrate how computers and humans might be able to communicate in the future.

Professor Kevin Warwick envisions a world in which humans communicate directly with computers without extraneous input devices such as mice and keyboards, and a world in which humans network continually with computers, he said. The experiment could have wide-ranging implications for employers and for society in general as humans determine how closely they want to be connected with computers.”2 Wide-ranging implications indeed!

Anyone blind and foolish enough to doubt what is being prepared for them should look at what Battelle Memorial Institute states in their own literature. Battelle is the richest research foundation in the world. They have offices, laboratories, or research centers in over 100 cities around the world. They are responsible, or share the responsibility, for an incredible percentage of the technology required to establish a cashless, socialist, privacy-free, Big Brother society of slavery and surveillance, such as debit cards, road camera monitoring systems, barcodes (with their imbedded 666’s), GPS, and insertable biochips. Battelle publishes ten and twenty year forecasts every year or so. These forecasts should be read by anyone concerned with the future. In their forecast for 2006, which was prepared in 1996, they state that “Electronic money will be used for everything from buying soda in a vending machine to making an international transaction over your computer. Pockets will rarely jingle in ten years as credit card-sized smart cards begin to replace cash, as well as house and car keys.” Doesn’t this sound charming. Not only will your money be reduced to intangible blips of light on a computer screen that are under complete control of your unseen masters, but they will have control of the access to your house and car. Not only that, but they hint that they intend on eventually using insertable chips in our bodies in another entry:

“Smart maps and tracking devices. Getting “there” will be decidedly easier with the widespread use of Global Positioning Systems-“smart” maps that will show travelers, boaters, and hikers their exact position and direction. Global positioning systems also will be used to help prevent crime by tracking the exact location of cars and other valuables. People also will be able to track the exact location of their children and even their pets.”3 There was a time when insertable biochip companies like Destron-Fearing and Avid claimed that it was only livestock and pets who would be chipped, never people. They were lying, and Battelle makes it clear that chipping humans has always been the goal, above that of animals. Guess who the livestock and pets are?

Battelle also informs us that in the future we will not own our appliances. Corporations will not only control all of our wealth, lives, information, children, but our possessions as well. Independence will be impossible. Furthermore, monitoring devices may be inserted into your appliances and you would be vandalizing them if you removed them, since you do not own them.

“Never-owned products. Major household appliances, such as furnaces, air conditioners, washers, dryers, and water heaters will be leased instead of purchased. This trend will be spurred by environmental concerns and regulations, cost, and the increasing speed of technology, which causes products to become obsolete quicker.”4

Battelles “Breakthroughs for Future Household Products by 2007” gives more of the same, but with a few more details concerning tying us up with computers, personalized identification (i.e. slave cards and chips), monitoring systems (they claim for health), and virtual reality to keep us distracted from what is being done to us, and from reality itself.

“Highly Miniaturized Communication and Electronic Products. In ten years, we will have developed wristwatch-size phones and highly specialized, hand-held, wireless computers that will help us perform a variety of day-to-day activities, from managing your banking and investments to planning your weekend entertainment.”5

“Virtual Reality Products. Virtual projections and sound environments will be used to enhance computer games, music systems, video entertainment systems, and exercise equipment. We will see a convergence of home entertainment, information, and well care.”6

In Battelle’s forecast for 2008 we are told that we will be even more wired to a central control center.

“Convergence of Technology in the Home. In the past, we separated our home life from work and from shopping. In the next ten years, the home will be the place of convergence for private and public lives. Increasingly, the home will be a place for us to work, shop, get an education, and enjoy entertainment. The biggest technological change occurring in our personal lives will be the convergence of telecommunications, entertainment, networking, education information access, and computing power into the home. The technology challenge is how to empower and protect individuals in their own homes.”7

“Micro-Security. The Cold War has died away, along with a great deal of the world’s fear of nuclear holocaust; yet, in the wake of car-jackings, gang violence, and terrorist bombings in New York, Oklahoma City, and Atlanta, many people feel no safer than they did 10-15 years ago. Technology’s security challenge will shift from national security–protecting nations from invading armies or missiles–to personal and community security. We will develop technology-based methods to keep us protected from crime and terrorism.”8

Battelle, true to their Orwellian ways, not only has altered the above quoted item, but it originally appeared in their forecast for 2007 forecast. The uncleansed version ended with the following words: “we might want those satellites to keep track of our children on their way home from school.” It is hard to say why they felt it necessary to alter this entry when they are so very up front about their intentions to encourage placing chips under our skin in other places.

“Omnipresent Computing. Computers will be everywhere. We will be in constant contact with very miniature, wireless, highly mobile, powerful, and highly personalized computing with network access. Such computers may first appear on the market as watches or jewelry with the power of a computer and cellular phone. Later, we will have computers embedded in our clothing and possibly implanted under our skin.”9

Many other details of our future nightmare police state are given in their INNOVATIONS IN NATIONAL SECURITY AND DEFENSE BY 2012

“Advanced Detection and Tracking Systems: The security of American borders and transportation centers has improved greatly, but will improve even more. We will have non-invasive biological, chemical, and weapon detectors as reliable and easy to use as x-rays or metal detectors today. We will see integrated sensors and detectors at airports, for example, which will identify illegal drugs and potential weapons of terrorism as quickly as a Geiger counter picks up radiation. “Early detection of biological weapons is absolutely critical to the success of American security in the years to come, and it’s an area where much R&D is being done,” said Steve Kelly, Senior Vice President and general manager of Battelle’s Defense Systems. Once identified, there is a need to accurately track potentially dangerous objects and people. Today, optical scanners, bar codes and computers provide excellent tracking in commercial markets. By 2012, we will see a new generation of tracking with radio frequency identification tags, homing devices, cameras, and global position systems (GPS) for tracking weapons and other potentially threatening materials.”10

Who will be defined as a dangerous person in the NOW of 2012? Those who are foolish enough to let a godless government trick or force them into taking dangerous and potentially deadly inoculations, will likely be foolish enough to allow chips to be injected into themselves at the same time. Will they even be told if they are being injected. According to the information of Avid: the animal doesn’t even usually know that he has been injected with a chip at all. Battelle, again, plays on the Orwellian fabricated terrorism scheme to scare the gullible into rushing to inoculation centers.

“Universal Inoculation: Much fear exists today that bacteria and viruses may be used for terrorism or combat against the U.S. Biological weapons were central issues in recent Middle Eastern conflicts. A key protective measure against biological threats of the future will be the universal inoculation. One, or a small number of inoculations, not necessarily shots, will protect large numbers of people from multiple pathogens. By 2012, based on a more thorough understanding of the genetics behind disease, we’ll be able to guard people’s good health against dozens of bacteria and viruses.”11

The mass use of insertable chips is likely to come after the official national ID is brought into being in America. This card will doubtlessly be merged with a debit card. The first place such a card was used in America was with the military. They called it the MARC card. Christians in the military complained about the obvious biblical allusion being made by this name so they changed it to R.A.P.I.D. A short time later they changed the name back to MARC. That name must have been very important to those behind it. The first university to use such a card was Ohio Dominican, a Catholic college in Columbus. These cards were used as ID’s, library cards, copy cards, and debit cards, and were used at pop machines. The company’s name was Cybermark, and was formed as a partnership between Fanny Mae (J.P. Morgan/Federal Reserve), Huntington National Bank of Ohio, and Battelle Memorial Institute.

Everyone seems to want to give us a card today that monitors all of our transactions. Kroger, for example, will charge a much higher price to anyone who does not want to use one of their intrusive cards. Fingerprinting is already beginning to replace cards in some places. I have already seen banks with devices that read the fingers of customers in order to make transactions called One Touch. A huge percentage of companies no longer allow employees handle their own paychecks, and will only pay them through direct deposit. There are even Antichrist abominations masquerading as churches that extort tithes from their congregation through direct deposit. These 501(c)3 IRS-owned corporation chairmen are more like New World Order criminals than pastors. Such pastors will undoubtedly be delighted to take the next step and advise their people to take a convenient chip in their hands, just like the four-legged and winged livestock will likely be chipped before the two-legged variety. After all, they will say, “the mark of the beast is supposed to be on the hand or forehead, or it will be a tattoo. It won’t be in the hand or forehead.” Even more will ignore the further warning that some may go along with the Antichrist system without an actual mark, but by taking the number or name of the beast, however, that will be a future essay topic. The users of texts like the NIV will be among the first to become part of the system. The NIV, which is the largest selling “Bible” on the market, has not only changed the mark to one that is on the hand or forehead, but it has removed the Antichrist entirely by calling the number 666 man’s number, removed the name Lucifer entirely, removed the warning about the Beast’s name or number, and has called the future reformation during Christ’s reign on earth the New Order! The Antichrist will give them the Rock and Roll and other forms of entertainment that they crave, and their perversion of scripture will not warn them. I could continue for hundreds of pages and not exhaust the subject of enslavement technology, but I will force myself to stop here. Everywhere we look we see evidence that the mark of the beast will be an inserted mark as the KJV warns us. The KJV and other early translators would never have foreseen that such technology would come into being, but they were still inspired to put together a translation that was prophetic. It should be added that if the mark were a tattoo, the KJV would still be correct. A tattoo is both on and in the skin. The modern version committees are the product of New Agers, Luciferians, witches, Darwinists, Marxists, abortion supporters, and an assortment of other degenerates, apostates, and seekers of filthy lucre. It should not require much discernment to know which text to follow.

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