I cannot quote the entire book of Numbers in order to discuss the Bible “corrections” of New Age guru, self-proclaimed health expert, liar, and apostate pseudo-Christian, Len Horowitz, but I think that the theme of the distortions of this Bible “corrector” need by presented. Dr. Horowitz has proposed that the book of Numbers is not an important book due to what it actually says, but due to a secret musical code that is hidden with the Hebrew text. Apostate and atheist-derived Bible Codes are nothing new, but the code of Horowitz is special. He claims that his book, which he describes as the most important book ever written, except perhaps the Bible, was channeled through some mysterious Amish man and given to God’s special servant, Len himself. The whole convoluted theory is not worth recounting here in its entirety, but the gist of it is that musical notes are hidden within the text of what he insinuates is an otherwise useless text, and that these notes can be chanted to bring about world changing effects. This is an old idea that may have originated in Hinduism. In fact, my former Sanskrit teacher in India formulated just such a cockeyed theory in relation to Hindu texts (I was a language student, not a disciple).

Horowitz claims that by learning chants based on these notes, that correspond somehow with crystal resonances — sound familiar? According to Horowitz, we can sing or play notes that will grant us our prayers, heal us of our infirmities, and even bring about world peace, and do so by bypassing Jesus Christ, which of course he does not openly say. He even goes so far as to say that Catholic monks had once harnessed this power and were using it to control the world at one time, and that we can do the same, or some such blasphemous rot. Horowitz has claimed to have harnessed this esoteric knowledge and incorporated it into a computer program called Miracle 6 that emits crystal generated tones that correspond to the prayers of those who own the program. Since I first learned of this wicked scam several years ago, it has become even more openly New Age. The company that distributes his products now states that it does not matter to which god one prays, because it will work with any god (i.e. demon) that one wished to address.

All one of his halfwitted suckers needs to do is to type his prayer into the program and the computer will pray for him while he goes about his business. Of course, he must pay Len $888 for the program, or at least that was the price the last time that I was able to find it (the website is jumbled and the price appears to be hidden now). All of this was hidden in the book of Numbers and God waiting until now to have it channeled through a medium just so that a money grubbing hellbound snake could use it to enrich himself and drag others into hell along with him! Are there people stupid to be duped by such a ridiculous scheme? Yes, it is sad but true, but there are. What he has proposed is nothing new at all. Tibetans and Nepali Buddhists have been putting prayer flags on mountain tops for years. Prayers to various demons are written on the cloth and they are supposed to be praying into the wind for the one who put them there.

Similarly, prayer wheels are full of Buddhist prayers and supposedly relieve folks of having to actually utter the prayers themselves. Catholics do similar things with their repetitive prayers and newspaper published prayers for the granting of wishes. Seeing this nonsense incorporated into a “Christian” context is disturbing. Reading Horowitz is like reading a hodgepodge of Blavatsky, Masonic literature, Wicca, Catholic mysticism, Kabbalah, Hindu tantrism, and Yoga, with a bunch of rehashing of conspiracy “theory” history thrown in, and a whole lot of mindless gibberish.

Not surprisingly this New Age devil and fake patriot does not like the KJV and is pushing a new translation that uses the Hebrew names for God instead, as if that were really something new. I will deal with the issue of the names of God in another article, but I will say here that we should expect to see many perversions of various verses in this new Jewish translation as well.

It is a shame that some of the worst blasphemy, New Age demonism, and promotion of the perversion of the Bible comes from impostors within the so-called Christian patriot community. It should serve to remind all of us who are saved of how fortunate we are to be given the spiritual insight to accept the Final Authority and “That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” [Eph

John Hinton, Ph.D.
Bible Restoration Ministry
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