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King James I of England was one of the greatest kings the country has ever known. He was fluent in Greek, Latin, and French in addition to being schooled in Italian and Spanish. This same James once wrote a tract against the use of tobacco in hopes of curtailing its use in England. Such a tract angered many and no doubt produced enemies.

One of the King’s bitterest enemies was Anthony Weldon. He had been excluded from the court of King‚ James and had sworn vengeance. Twenty-five years later (1650), after James had died, Weldon wrote a paper alleging James to be a homosexual. Obviously the King could not defend himself. But even then there were enough people still alive who knew King James and knew this accusation was not true. Therefore the rumor died.

In his book “King James Unjustly Accused” Stephen A. Coston Sr. states on page 287 “No less than three contemporary and professional historians (Sanderson, Heylyn, and Wood) sharply disagreed with those who hinted of James over fondness for male favorites. The testimony of these me, and the host of other men I have cited cannot be ignored, yet is ignored by those critical sources who seek to paint James as a homosexual.”

Do you know how many children James and his wife Anne had together? EIGHT children. Only three of them reached adulthood, the other five died at birth or within the first year or two. This is all documented on pages 78-79 of King James Unjustly Accused.

This malicious allegation of James being a homosexual has been largely ignored until more recent years when it has been picked up by those who have tried to discredit the King James Bible. One example occurred in 1985 when MOODY MONTHLY published two articles about King James: “The Real King James” by Karen Ann Wojahn and “The Bible That Bears His Name” by Leslie Keylock (July/August, pp. 87-89). Although the writers could furnish no documentation this “Christian” publication, when requested many times, refused to investigate or print the other side of the story.

An article on King James in the DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY covers twenty pages but the editors make no mention of this rumor exploited by the MOODY writers.

If MOODY was interested in the homosexual/related Bible issue, wonder why they didn’t do an expose on the homosexuals that worked on the NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION? There would be plenty of documentary evidence for such an article.

If new translations are to claim their share of the Bible market they must show why their editions are better. One stratagem is to attack one’s greatest competitor.

If King James was a homosexual then he may have been the first one history to write passionate love letters to his wife who bore him eight children, and to have written a serious commentary on the book of Revelation in addition to a devotional entitled “Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer”.

The fact remains that nowhere in history is there any documentation of King James having been a homosexual, only rumors and allegations.

(Anyone interested in a more thorough study of this might wish to read the book, KING JAMES UNJUSTLY ACCUSED by Stephen A. Coston, Sr., a man who is an authority on the life of this same king.)

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