Here is an analysis of the mindset of destructive Bible critics when they reject the Authorized Version as the inspired Holy Bible preserved for the English speaking world.

Their general accusations are as follows:

Bible believers BELIEVE that The Authorized Version is THE only version inspired by God.
Bible believers ASSERT that The Authorized Version is THE only version inspired by God.
Bible believers PRESUME that The Authorized Version is THE only version inspired by God.
Bible believers FAIL to consider the POSSIBILITY that modern versions are also inspired by God.
Those who believe that the Authorized Version is The ONLY inspired version for the English speaking world are members of a cult.
The belief that the Authorized Version is The ONLY inspired English version is meant for birds!

Based on the arguments and reasoning of the modern and multi-versions folks, faith in God preserving His words in written form in any languages in one book is never possible nor should it ever be considered according to their very exacting and high standards of scholarship.

By taking their kind of thinking and logic, the world at large can also question their claims that Jesus Christ is THE only way to heaven is not only unfounded but bigoted in the larger perspective for failing to take into consideration the collective wisdom acquired by other races, cultures and religions over thousands of years of history of man.

How can they so adamantly claim that salvation is only found in and through the person of Jesus Christ? How can they claim that truth can only be found in the Bible? Is not wisdom also found in other sacred writings and philosophies of other religions, races and cultures? They ASSERT that only the Bible can show mankind salvation through Jesus Christ but other religions also teach men to be good and to do good and by it attain salvation! They PRESUME that only the Bible has the correct definition of salvation. This is a very myopic view because they fail to even consider the POSSIBILITY that all other religions are also worshiping the same god but only through different names. By the way, sacred writings of some religions are even more ancient than their scriptures in the Bible!

Despite immense evidence suggesting the contrary, they close their minds and preached that all other religions are Satanic as though other religions are not capable of doing good for the greater humanity. We are not against Christianity nor are we against the Bible but we just want to show that our religions and sacred writings are no less truths than the Bible. In fact we are on equal footing with Christianity and in some way, we are even more superior! Each time the subject of goodness is also found in other religions is brought up, it will immediately be shot down calling it apostasy!

They prefer to run around in circles and they are not capable of sound reasoning and logic! These are dangerous people belonging to a cult. Believing that only the Bible has the truths and Jesus Christ is the only way to God are for birds! These people do not have a scientific mind!

You see, when fallen man with a fallen mind chooses to use his own reasoning and logic to try to figure out everything without faith in God’s promises found in the Holy Bible, everyone will end up doing what is right in his own eyes! Try to witness to a lost person by showing him different versions saying different things but you insist that they all mean the same thing. You reckon he will believe your witness and testimony? He will think that you are insane! If any man brings before the court of law several conflicting documents and insists that they are in essence the same, you think the judge would be amused?

That is why when we deal with God’s inspiration and preservation of the Holy Bible, we cannot take the naturalistic and rationalistic approach of these Bible critics. The gospel to the lost world is foolishness. I dare say; believing in the inspiration and preservation of the Holy Bible in English in the Authorized Version is also foolishness according to these destructive Bible critics. To the Bible critics, we are accused of being biased and presumptuous but in God’s eyes, it is simple Bible believing faith!

The apostle Paul warned, “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” (2 Corinthians 11:3)

Let the Bible critics continue in their vain babbling while we thank God and rejoice in the fact that God has preserved His pure and Holy words which we have in our hands.