In order to defend an error in the modern versions, John Ankerberg, the Maury Povitch of “Christian” television, makes the following statement. “The KJV also “denies” the deity of Christ in John 1:18 when it states, “No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son [in italics], which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.” He supports this translation with the following statement: The Greek term theos (God) “has the support of all the earliest manuscript papyri that we have, P66, P75.” He is, of course, quoting James White, which is just about the only thing that he does is this shallow book.

Before I address this “argument” in favor of the New Age Bible versions treatment of the verse in question, it is necessary that I make a brief statement concerning the reason that Ankerberg is quoting it. He is making the utterly ludicrous assertion that the New Ager versions are not just as strong in supporting the deity of Christ as the King James Bible, but are even more so. This is the stuff of which satires are made, but I’ll let it go. Suffice it to say that stating that the versions that consistently remove 1 John 5:7 from its texts, and change 1 Timothy 3:16 to read that someone, i.e. “he”, was made manifest in the flesh, instead of God, is equally strong in its statement of the deity of Christ is too silly to merit further comment. As for the “evidence” it is no more than garbage, and that should be taken literally. The occurrences of monogeneic (only begotten) with the word for son in reference to Jesus makes it clear which version is correct, not to mention the better sense expressed by the translation of KJV, so we need not bother too much with it here. What should be examined is the so called earliest evidence that Ankerberg presents.

It is amazing how much time the New Age Bible promoters spend rooting through the garbage in order to produce garbage in order to feed garbage to the church-goers of the modern fallen church. They can be likened to rats or pigs rooting about in trash looking for moldy and putrid morsels.

Papyrus numbers 66 and 75 are part of a collection known as the Bodmer Papyri. These Papyri were found buried near a monastery of Popchamian monks in Egypt about 20 miles from Nag Hammadi where a large collection of Gnostic scraps were discovered. Both collections have been popular with various New Age cults since their discovery. Claims are made that the Bodmer Papyri were not part of a Gnostic collection, however, this claim is dubious at best. This collection of garbage included pagan texts mixed in with Christian texts that showed obvious Gnostic influences. Books five and six of Homer, three comedies of Menander, are included as well as the Infancy Gospel alleged to be by James, and several other extra-biblical texts that purport to be Christian. Papyrus 52 from this collection omits the account from John 7:53 to 8:11, which concerns the woman caught in adultery. It has been suggested that these manuscripts demonstrate that their was no authoritative text of the Gospels in Egypt in the third century when they were alleged to have been found. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodmer_Papyri] Not surprisingly the Vatican now owns these texts. In other words they were removed from one garbage bin and placed in a much larger one. All of the garbage scraps ultimately end up attached to the Vatican, and all of the garbage dump rats end up tools of the Vatican. This is as true of phonies like Ankerberg and White who claim that they are not Catholic, as it is to those who are official members of the harlot church.

The text known as Sinaiticus that men like Ankerberg and his mentor White love so dearly was found in a trash can in a Catholic Monastery at a site that the Catholic church erroneously claimed to be Mt. Sinai (a site way to far from the site of the Exodus, but that is a different subject) known as St. Catherine’s Monastery. The monastery got its name from a legend that relics of Saint Catherine of Alexandria (a goddess in disguise) were magically transported there. This alone is enough to tell us that we are not to trust anything that comes of such a place, but there is more. This monastery was also famous for allegedly protecting Muhammad from his enemies for a period of time. This claim is dubious, but the mere fact that they would make it is a warning to Christians in itself. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Catherine’s_Monastery,_Mount_Sinai] It also houses one of the world’s largest collections of icons, which are, of course, condemned as idolatry by in the Ten Commandments that these same Catholics claimed to have been delivered upon the very site where these idols are stored! I read a description of a traveler’s view of St. Catherine’s Monastery and it was quite spooky. It is settled in a desolate region of the Sinai desert. Piles of bones and skulls from deceased monks are found in the site and darkness prevails. I couldn’t help thinking of a Tantric Aghori temple that I visited a number of times in Benares. This morbid temple to Kali was decorated with statues of skulls, and the fire there that had allegedly been burning continuously for 400 years was made from wood that was pilfered from the local cremation grounds, and the bindus (forehead markings) of these ascetics were from cremation ashes.

My recollections of this temple as I read the description of St.Catherine’s all the more by my experience in the Catholic church in Jerusalem known as the Church of the Sepulchre (now shared with other apostate Christian denominations). It differed little from any of the Hindu temples that I visited when I was in northern India. They smelled with the same incense, displayed similar niches with similar icons, and both sold prayer beads. The creepy feeling that the author of the description of the monastery obviously felt similar feelings as I did when exposed to the dark idolatry of the Aghoris and the Catholic exploiters of our Lord’s sacrifice in Jerusalem.

In the late 19th century a Catholic mystic in search of old manuscripts visited this monastery and discovered the error-ridden text, now known as Sinaiticus, in a heap of trash that was scheduled to be thrown into an incinerator by the monks. Tischendorff was allowed to keep this worthless document and this was the beginning of much mischief. This dumpster diving mystic was not content with this one find, but decided to continue his career by rooting like a rat through the garbage of the only Catholic site with a larger collection of religious garbage, the Vatican.

The text known as Vaticanus was hidden away because it was so full of errors and so poorly copied that it had not previously been taken seriously. We cannot be certain where it was tucked away in this house of harlotry, but it is certain that they kept it out of sight. They wouldn’t even allow Tischendorff to copy it, although he copied part of it in secret. This may be on account of its being too much of an embarrassment due to the huge number of sloppy errors found in it. I suspect that once the harlot church discovered that later scholars falsely so called would actually be stupid enough to use it to produce new translations that would undermine God’s true word, they relented and allowed the world full exposure to it, and now promote its errors.

Whatever dark corner of this whorehouse it was hidden away in, we can say without hesitation that it was dug out of a garbage dump. The Vatican is one of the world’s largest garbage dumps of pornography, homoerotic art, and idols from all of the world’s false religions, including gods/demons from Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, India, Greece, Rome, Catholic paganism, and more. There are whole rooms filled with broken Greek statues displaying only the naked of torsos of men with exposed genitalia. The known sodomite Michelangelo covered the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with naked men and boys (virtually no women). Even God is displayed as a naked man. Naked men are on each corner of the display and no one can explain why they are there. When I took a tour of the Vatican 28 years ago, I was shocked by the obvious homosexual content of this blasphemous mockery of God, and I was no Christian at that time. This is the same artist that polluted Florence with a statue of David naked in a homoerotic pose, as did Donatello, who was another sodomite employed by the Vatican. Pope Julius II, the same murderous pope that sponsored Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel, also hired him to do his tomb. This costly monstrosity that was funded through theft and cheating was left unfinished, but what was produced can only be described as the worst display of flaming homosexuality to be portrayed in art prior to the twentieth century. A later Pope was troubled by the homoerotica and had genitalia covered by fig leaves, but later most of these attempts at modesty were removed by still later Popes. At about the same time the Vatican was busy murdering and persecuting anyone who tried to actually follow the Bible or make it available in native tongues. This is the Vatican that is the source of the modern versions promoted by Ankerberg, White, Metzger, Zodiates, Kenneth Barker, Kutilek, and hundreds of other garbage dump rats. What does this tell us about them? Not only do these rats feed off this garbage, but they conveniently fail to mention that they are full of thousands of errors that even their fellow apostates recognize to be errors. They also neglect to mention that they are well preserved because they were stashed out of sight and were not handled by anyone due to their being trash. Not until some rats dug them up during the great falling away did these texts get used, and then it was for the purpose of undermining the Bibles that had spread the Gospel throughout the modern world in defiance of the Catholic harlot.

I’ve already written about one of the silliest attempts ever to undermine the New Testament text in RBC #67, which concerns Revelation 13:17, which was even promoted by the pseudo-Christian nitwits running World Net Daily. [http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=44169]

A scrap of paper trash, one out of over 400,000, was found in a garbage dump in Oxyrhyncus Egypt. This has been used to spread the nonsense about 616 being the number of the Beast was found buried in an Egyptian garbage dump and isn’t even legible, but modern apostates try to pass it off as something to be taken seriously. These same scholars claim that it was the real number of the Beast out of one side of their mouth, but out of the other side of their mouths they stupidly argue that they had 616 because Nero’s name came out to 616 in Latin. In other words they are saying that the earlier texts had 666, but the Latins later changed it because the numerology confused them, but 616 is the right number even though it was a correction of the older number. Huh? I wouldn’t expected much more from garbage dump rats, but I used to expect a little more wisdom from World Net Daily who quite stupidly state that this piece of garbage lends credence to the 616 theory? This makes them no better than FOX News, and apparently they secretly share the same agenda of undermining the Bible and assisting the rise of the Antichrist.

The Bible, even the perverted modern versions, warn us again and again about Egypt, but the garbage rats follow a different spirit. People like Ankerberg write books about modern cults and then turn around and follow the texts of the Gnostic cults. Blavatsky and most of the modern New Age cults cling to or at least respect the pagan religions of Egypt. Ankhs have become popular as symbols of love, but double as perversions of the cross. Masons make more use of Egyptian religious symbolism to such an extent that the only group that equals them in that respect is the Theosophical Society that was founded by Blavatsky, the only woman to be made a Mason in history. I made frequent visits to the Theosophical Library in Benares, India when I was a student there, and Egyptian materials were all over the shelves. Its similarities with Hindu thought were a constant theme, and the similarities of both religions with the Christian counterfeit known as Catholicism are profound and obvious. It is not hard to understand why there is so much Egyptian symbolism found at the Vatican, as well as the huge collection of stolen Egyptian artifacts, as well as statues of Hindu gods and goddesses, not to mention Roman and Greek gods. There are even obelisks from Egypt displayed for the whole world to see. This is not only a symbol of paganism and defiance of God, but it is a phallic symbol that fits in with the rest of the homoerotica. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Shiva lingams in this garbage dump as well, but I trust that they’d keep them off the public tour routes. This is where the modern church apostates get their inspiration — from Catholic and Gnostic garbage dumps. No wonder why Ankerberg and White attacked Gail Riplinger for her brilliant exposure of the Catholic connection with the modern versions. These two garbage dump rats’ lame and deceptive attack against her exposure of this connection have to make one wonder if they are Jesuits or Masons. How else can they explain this great love they have for the garbage of Egypt.

The so-called Gospel of Judas is another example. These modern devils root through the garbage like pigs and rats, and the majority of the church-going public follows them and cling to their droppings like flies. The worst of the trash consists of the copyrighted pseudo-Bibles that they try to pass off as Scripture. How much more insane can things become?

A recent find that has been used in the all out attack against the Bible is the Gospel of Judas. This Coptic Gnostic text also was found in a garbage dump in Egypt. This text not only makes a hero out of Judas, and treats him as if he were the best of the disciples, but it contains Gnostic doctrine that attacks both the Old and New Testament. Man is said to have been created by an angel named Sakla, who was a creation of an older angel named Nebro, both of which would be better described as gods. Christ is called Seth and is said to have been the first of 5 angels created by Sakla, and together these angels were created to watch over the underworld. Since Jesus is explaining all of this to Judas, we can assume that he is not associated with Seth, and is therefore not Christ (I wonder if John Hagee has caught this yet).

Ankerberg and White have not yet endorsed the Gospel of Judas. There can be little doubt that they would if a few of the modern versions were to do so, and it would not be surprising if they did. The way the media is pushing this wicked text, it may be coming soon. There have already been proposals to ditch the Book of Revelation and to replace it with the Shepherd of Hermas. Since this text was found included with the same heap of garbage that Tischendorf dug into at the Vatican. Sinaiticus includes it, so in what way would it be a big leap? Many modern “Christians” state that more books should have been in the canon. They rarely suggest which ones or what criteria they would use, other than their own minds, but anything to be rebellious pleases them. The Identity Cult is sure to accept it. They already quote from other pseudepigrapha such as The Ethiopic Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees, and they certainly do not honor the New Testament. Why wouldn’t modern apostates like these two clowns accept the Gospel of Judas. One of the main points of their ministries is to attempt to undermine the King James Bible and to do so using scraps pulled out of garbage dumps, and they place trash above the texts that have motivated true Christianity for centuries. The Gospel of Judas was hulled out of a garbage dump in Egypt, which appears to be their favorite place in spite of what God says about it, it is old, and it contradicts the beliefs that held Christianity together for 2000 years. The pagan and Gnostic papyri that they hold up as proof against God’s word are a mixture of Greek and Coptic and are about the same age. It has all the characteristics that Ankerberg and White love. Give them time.

This is a truly amazing thing. Garbage rats like Ankerberg and White attack Psalm 12:7 by denying that it referred to the preservation of God’s word. These false scholars ignorantly ignore that the -nu in this text is a epenthetic nun that refers back to the first noun in the sentence. Their modern perversions translate these -nus correctly throughout the Old Testament, but conveniently pretend this is a reference to “us” instead of God’s word (I wonder why they would do that?) in this verse. Nevertheless both of these men claim that God’s word is preserved in a non-existent original Greek text that is represented by the more than 200 contradictory modern versions of the New Testament. They fail to mention that the Nestle-Aland text is a pseudo-Greek text made up of bits and pieces of various texts, with the most weight given to those that were found in the garbage. Ankerberg and White also use garbage as “evidence” to attack the KJV every chance that they get. They are suggesting that God preserved his word through garbage. What does this say about what these garbage dump rats think about the Bible? They think that it is garbage. Some people get mad at me for using words like “idiot” and “rat” to describe men like these. What better words describe such men? I’ll reserve gentleness to those who deserve it. These two garbage dump rats do not.

John Hinton, Ph.D.
Bible Restoration Ministry
A ministry seeking the translating and reprinting of KJV equivalent
Bibles in all the languages of the world.