666 OR 616

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”
Revelation 13:18

One of the lamest attempts at distorting scripture is found in the footnotes of some of the worst new versions that purport to be Bibles. I found a footnote for verse 18 in my Billy Graham Crusade edition of the Living Bible that states that some texts have 616. The same footnote is found in the New Living Translation.

Some texts? Try a couple of the worst Alexandrian texts. The atheistic scholarship world and Antichrist-promoting New Age church hierarchy are really excited due to the discovery of an illegible scrap of a page of Revelation that was found in a garbage dump in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt and supposedly has the reading 616. I say supposedly because it is illegible, but they claim to be able to read it by using an advanced imaging system that was recently invented. There was a good reason that it was in a garbage dump; it was garbage. Instead of treating it as garbage as it was recognized to be by the ancients who threw it away, some Satanically-inspired scholars took this piece of garbage and used it as a way to deceive the gullible and spiritually rebellious into ignoring the number 666, which is the true number of the beast. Not only are these Bible scoffers, lowlifes, and assorted idiots calling God a liar, by suggesting that he has not preserved his word, but they are saying that he left bits and pieces of it in the garbage for over 1500 year. They are attempting to fool Christians into accepting the Antichrist system and to distract them from the constant barrage of subliminal 666’s that are being aimed at the world through the media, advertising agencies, corporations, bankers, publishers, “Christian” book stores, rock bands, and contemporary “Christian” music.

Much has been written about subliminal Satanic imagery, including the number of the beast, but it only touches the surface. Hollywood producers and directors are fond of subliminally, or semi-subliminally, exposing movie-goers to the number of the beast, and they do so with great frequency.

They present 6’s in groups of three to their audiences in visible and audible forms in a myriad of imaginable and devious ways. It is done through licenses plates, phone numbers, elevator numbers, floor numbers, addresses, sixes on walls and the sides of buildings, numbers on athletes, race horses and racing dogs, clocks, timers on bombs, and a huge number of other ways. They also are presented in the form of spoken words, or in a combination of visual and spoken presentations. Sometimes they are even given in the form of numbers that add up to sixes when their digits are added up. This is an ancient occultist practice; it is not a theory thought up by Christians. There are hundreds of examples, but two films with an extra preponderance of 666’s that are done in this fashion that I have studied are The Perfect Storm and Clint Eastwood’s True Crime. These films not only bombard the viewer with triple 6’s every few minutes, but presents some of them in trios of the number 15 or other numbers whose digits add up to six. One plus five equals six in occult numerology, as Eastwood obviously knows well. Eastwood is less cryptic in his contempt for Christ when he has his character, the film’s hero, say “I don’t give a rat’s “#*$ about Jesus” in the middle of the film.

Most of Mel Gibson’s films have presented 666’s, including many of the ones that he has directed (including ones that he produced after The Passion) and usually at least a few of them. Movies starring Scientologists like John Travolta and Tom Cruise are some of the worst for presenting the number of the beast. Travolta’s Lucky Numbers is a whole movie that appears to have the presentation of 666’s as its central theme and sole purpose. One would have to be an idiot to miss them in that foul and trite movie. I would estimate that at least 80% of the films made in the last 20 years or more have subliminal 666’s in them, and it is becomes more and more common as time progresses. I have monitored very few television programs in the last few years, but I try to watch some new shows one time to see what is being directed at the American mind, and I have noticed that TV shows are slipping in 666’s too. I do not believe that they are doing it as frequently as they are for films, but I do not monitor it enough to know for sure.

Amazingly, for some bizarre reason many Christians question that this practice goes on and sputter nonsense about one being able to find triples of any numbers in movies. Except for an occasional 555, which is used for phone numbers because the prefix is not used by the phone company for residences or businesses, one cannot find other numbers presented in triples in any measurable quantity. The triple sixes are so blatant and easy to find that only a fool would question the practice or fail to be able to see it being done once they are alerted to it. Anyway, one might wonder why a Christian would question that Hollywood is committed to Satanism when virtually every movie made has some subtle and often blatant attacks against Christianity? If you want incontestable proof get a copy of James Lloyds video “Secret Sixes”. My own video compilation has many additional examples, but I have no immediate plans to publish it.

The number of the beast also is presented by the advertising agencies. It is not difficult to find examples in advertisements in magazines, and thousands of examples exist, but in most cases there may only be one in a single magazine. Many magazine editors are clearly aware of the practice.

Rock bands frequently present the number 666 to their fans. Unlike Hollywood and the advertising industry, the heavy metal bands are quite explicit about whom they serve. So-called Christian Rock bands, like P.O.D., are equally fond of the number, but they normally present it in more abstract forms or in thinly disguised forms. Both of these types of Rock bands are equally Satanic, and both are encouraging acceptance of the Antichrist, whether overt or covert, and both are helping to destroy millions.

Three sixes were chosen as dividing numbers for barcodes. The company that invented barcodes, Battelle Memorial Institute, is also working toward inserting chips into people, tracking people’s location through these chips, eliminating cash, and satellite monitoring of the whole planet. The significance of hiding 666’s within barcodes should be obvious. It is equally relevant that many international corporations have the address of 666. This is surely is not an accident and is clear evidence of where their loyalty rests. This is a warning to all but the blind and stupid.

The number 666 is being incorporated into company logos and is found imbedded in the triquetra symbol that is so popular with witches, Satanists, New Agers, openly Satanic Rock and Roll bands, secretly Satanic contemporary “Christian” music bands, the New King James Version publishers and users, Catholics, and other apostate church members. This number is clearly being pushed upon the public for a reason, and it is clearly not something that should be brushed aside as trivial. The lost world, and unfortunately much of the professed Christian world, fails to understand a very crucial fact of history. There are two forces at work in the world and only two religions. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear see that the Antichrist worldview dominates the world and attempts to infiltrate every aspect of our world. We can see this by examining the predominance of false religions and false churches, and the arenas of the news media, the entertainment industry, educational systems, governments, courts, secular publishing, modern “Christian” and Bible publishing houses, think tanks, economic systems, monetary and banking systems, literature, music, art, medicine, the scientific community, and so forth. Nowhere are we not attacked, but in none of these arenas do we lack hard evidence that there is an attack launched against Christ. Jesus defined only two religions in Luke 11:23 and they are clearly defined to this day.

“He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.”

The attachment that the super rich and powerful have for the number of the beast provides us with solid evidence of a Satanic conspiracy. Most will turn aside anyway. From such we should turn away and dust off our sandals. There are, however, some who will open their eyes when they realize that they are being duped, plotted against, and being led astray by these conspirators. Allowing this evidence to be obscured or brushed away on the basis of some idiot scholars’ garbage is doing the exact same thing that churches of America did when they allowed Darwinists to steal science from us.

Every single manuscript, but a couple of error-ridden incomplete messes tells us that the number of the beast is 6 hundred three score and six, but we are told that we do not have to worry about it because a few charlatans are telling us that a fragment of a page found in an Egyptian garbage dump has the number unimportant and irrelevant number of 616 instead of 666! Those who have perpetrated this vile hoax will be cast into God’s garbage dump — Gehenna — along with the trash that they found in Egypt. What is so sad is that professed Christians will actually fall for this scam, and apostate preachers like Billy Graham have encouraged them to do so.

An ironic fact that should not be ignored is that the scholars who have come up with this attack on our Bible do present a theory as to why 616 was written in this text instead of 666, and this theory completely contradicts their suggestion that 616 is the right number. They suggest that some of the Alexandrian heretics at the time felt that Nero was the Antichrist, since there was a way to make Nero’s name come out to 666 in Hebrew. They suggest that the Egyptian scribe would have been confused by the Hebrew number system, so he changed it to 616, which is what the spelling of Nero’s full name comes to in Latin.

These scholars have almost certainly hit upon the real reason that this piece of garbage allegedly does say 616, but they are also showing us that the scribe and the modern critics are incompetent. Not only did the scribe hold the mistaken view of the heretical Alexandrians that Nero was the Antichrist, but he changed the text to conform to his view. Obviously, this would also suggest that 666 was the correct and older number in the first place. The same dingbats who claim that the 616 reading is the better one are also suggesting that it was purposefully perverted from an earlier reading that does conform to the Majority Text! So they actually are presenting evidence to defend the King James Bible, but just aren’t smart enough to realize it. It is amazing that there are still people foolish enough to listen to the contortions of such scholars falsely so called.

John Hinton, Ph.D.
Bible Restoration Ministry
A ministry seeking the translating and reprinting of KJV equivalent
Bibles in all the languages of the world.